SBAS Systems

Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS):
– Augmentation of navigation satellite systems (GNSS).
Operational SBAS or Systems being built (beyond study):
WAAS (United States) (Operational)
EGNOS (Europe) (Operational)
MSAS (Japan) (Operational)
SDCM (Russia) (Non-operational)
GAGAN (India) (Non-operational)
Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)
– United States
– Augmentation of the global navigation satellite system
– Operational in 2003.
European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
– Official operations began in 2009.
Initial work is being conducted to extend EGNOS to South Africa.
EGNOS is interoperable with WAAS and MSAS.
Multi-functional Satellite Augmentation System
– Japanese
– Commissioned for aviation use in 2007.
QZSS – Quasi Zenith Satellite System
Designed for mobile devices within Japan.
MTSAT - Multifunctional Transport Satellites
Weather and aviation control satellites used by Japan and Australia.
System of Differential Correction and Monitoring
– Russian
– Currently launching satellites and building ground stations.
GPS aided geo augmented navigation (GAGAN):
– Indian
– Proposed/planned implementation, not currently
– Operational in 2014 (planned).
The system will be compatible with other SBAS systems such as
WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS providing seamless air navigation
across regional boundaries.
When checking SBAS on the G1000 you may have seen:
The G1000 is capable of receiving signals from all three SBAS systems.
WAAS Approaches:
– In order to fly a WAAS approach (LPV) you must
verify/activate WAAS PRIOR TO LOADING the approach.
– Checking SBAS for WAAS selection after loading the
approach will not enable a WAAS approach.
– The system cannot upgrade from LNAV to LPV after the
approach has been loaded.
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