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Enterprise TVET Partnership
Leather Train Line
ETP Leather Industries and Tanning
ETP Leather Industries and Leather
Tanning - Leather Train Line - is a platform for
partnership between the Industrial sector
working in Leather Industries and
Leather Tanning and Technical Education
and Vocational Training Institutions . It is
initiated by TVET Reform Project ( a cofunded
Government and the EU)’ priorities.
Basic information
Date of establishment :- 2008
Number of executive staff :- 5
Number of sectors served :- 2 sectors (
Leather Industries & Leather Tanning )
Industrial enterprises :- (1025
Geographical distribution of industry:7 governorates.
Stakeholders :- Industrial Chambers (2)
,VTCs(1), TSSs ( 14), Technology
Centers (2)and Departments in Higher
Education (1)
ETP facilities:- Head office for
managing the daily operations of the
ETP and a Management training center
that has 2 seminar rooms , an e.
learning lab , a career guidance and
counseling unit and a library.
and both the Chamber of Leather
Industries and the Chamber of Leather
The overall goal for Leather Train Line is to
increase the competitiveness of Leather
Industries and Leather Tanning sectors
through creating a skills validation
system and the reform on Technical
Education and Training Institutions’
level which respond to sectors
The ETP Vision:To become the strongest training
management hub that is known by
Quality of services & to become the 1st
accredited certification unit not only for
workers but also for trainers, teachers,
tutors related to the sector as well as
being the 1st publisher for technical
publications for the sector.
The E.T.P MissionWorking
stakeholders concerned with leather
industries &Tanning, we are committed
to providing a platform for P.P.P and
enhance the opportunities of our
beneficiaries through effective sector
awareness, progressive life training and
superior education & training systems.
We take pride in our E.T.P we are
committed to maintain the highest
standards of training, education, and
discipline in the field of Leather
Industries and Tanning.
Leather Train Line Partners :
•The Ministry of Education (Technical
Education Dept.)
•The Ministry of Manpower and
•The Ministry of Higher Education –
Helwan University , The Department of
Leather Manufacturing
•Productivity & Vocational Training
Department (PVTD)
Manufacturing Technology Center –
Leather Tanning Technology Center )
Leather Train Line Activities for Companies:
•TQM in Footwear Enterprises and the Role of
Product Engineers.
•TQM in Leather Products Enterprises and
the Role of Product Engineers.
•Productivity Enhancement , Bottle-neck
Elimination and Cost
Reduction in leather Industries ( Footwear &
Leather Goods ).
1st : Leather Industries Companies
Management Training Programs :
•Marketing and Sales Management for
Leather Industries.
•Management of Retail and Sales
Outlets from Display to After-sale
•How to Sort and Buy Finished Leather
Based on Quality Standards.
•Fundamental Exportation Knowledge.
Training Programs for basic workers:
•Footwear Grading
•Cutting for Footwear and Leather Products
•Preparation Skills
•ECO Labeling in Leather Industries.
•OSH management in Leather Industries
•Footwear Costing.
•Planning of Pre Production Operations in
Leather Industries.
•Assembling of Footwear Upper Skills
•Stitching Skills ( Basic Stitching – Advanced
Stitching – Hand Stitching )
•Pre-lasting operations
•Footwear Lasting Skills
•Footwear Bottoming
•Finishing Skills
Final Quality Control and Packaging
2nd Leather Tanning Enterprises :Management Training Programs
•Chrome Management in Leather Tanning
•Pollutants in Leather Tanning Industry and
Waste Management.
•ECO Labeling in Tanning Industry.
•OSH Management in Leather Tanning Industry.
•Chromium Recovery From Spent Tanning
Liquor usin Magnesium Oxide and Sulphuric
•Mass Balance in Leather Processing ( Waste
Audit )
•How to Better Design your Tannery Based on
Your Production Type and specialization
Training Programs for basic workers:
•Professional Assorting Skills
•Raw Hides and Skins Preservation Methods and
•Beam house Operations
•Tan yard Operations
•Tanning Testing
•Post Tanning Operations
•Crust Leather Production
•Pre finishing Operations
•Applications of Leather Finishing
•Testing of Finished Leather.
Leather Train Line Programs
for Individuals :•How to Start Your Own Business in Leather
•Communication Skills
•Negotiation Skills
•Language Courses ( English for Business and
English at work )
•Computer Courses ( ICDL Courses )
•Principles of Marketing
•PR Skills
•Office Management
•How to Developing a Feasibility Study
•Inventory and Stock Management
Leather Train Line
Services for Educational
Institutions and VTCs:
•TNA at Sector Level
•Developing Sectoral HRD strategies
•Developing Occupational Profiles , Functional
Maps and Skills Standards Related to the
Targeted Sectors.
•Certification of Workers Based on Approved
Skills Standards by Industry and International
Certification Scheme in Partnership With TUV
Turingen .
•Delivering Career Guidance and Counseling
•Developing Occupational Outlook through
which one can fully understand the job nature
and work requirements.
•Organization of Employment Fairs .
Leather Train Line Services Addressed to Labour Market :
•Auditing of Educational Institutions and VTCs
•Technology Audits for Practical Training Workshops
•Developing new Curricula for Formal and Informal Education and Training.
•Developing Different Occupational Training Packages
•Developing Tailor Made Training Packages
•Developing Self Learning Training Manuals and e. learning Materials
•Developing Subject Matter Teaching Books for Formal Education at Different
•Pedagogical and Didactical Training for Teaching Staff and Trainers.
•Implementation of Quality Standards in Educational Institutions and Vocational
Training Centers
•Coaching of Master Trainers
•Training of Trainers and TSS Teachers
•Training of Teaching Staff at University Level.
Membership:Leather Train Line
accepts the membership of Enterprises and
Training Institutions based on eligibility criteria set by its board and
they are available together with application forms in the headquarter of
Leather Train Line . Being a member puts you in direct communication
with a strong network of Enterprises and Training Institutions concerned
with human resources development for both your sector and yourself.
Leather Train Line
27 A Abd el – Khalik Tharwat ST.
3rd Floor, Cairo , Egypt.
Tel : +20 (2) 23929272 – 23929347 – 23929192
Fax: + 20 (2) 23929213
E-mail : Kabdelazim@Tvet.org