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About Prospance

Prospance is an IT services, and Software Products company.

Prospance is headquartered in US and has its offshore delivery center in India.

Since inception, the company has grown over 100% annually

Prospance currently has an offering of one native SAP product, iMask and two mobile SAP products Mobile Timecard Approval and Visual Performance Management.

Prospance also provides Netsuite Implementation and operations support services to Small and Medium business customers in US.

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Corporate Overview Scope

All activities at Prospance are aimed at executing customer engagements predictably. We achieve this by assigning consultants to engagements who are:

– Experts in their technology domain

– Have multiple years of relevant experience

– Committed to the success of their customers

– Open minded and ready to explore alternate solutions to solve business challenges of their customers

– Qualified and customer-oriented and embody our innovative spirit and partnership approach with our customers

All product development activities at Prospance are influenced by problems being addressed by its customers. We build our products to solve business problems of our customer.

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Engagement Model – Customer First

Our customer engagement model is customer centric. We engage with customer at each stage to minimize any risk to the engagement. Our customers are happy with the level of information shared with them. We believe is customer delight thru our execution methodology.

• Engage the customer from the beginning.

• Set right expectations to avoid time and budget overruns.

• Provide greater visibility to engagement ensuring smoother execution.

• Help with faster decision making

• Provide alternates to deliver higher quality solutions.

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NetSuite Implementation - Services

Cloud Computing assessment

NetSuite evaluation

NetSuite implementation

NetSuite optimization

Operational support

Business Process Outsourcing

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What is NetSuite?


’s a cloud based business management solution which runs mission critical applications across finance, CRM and ecommerce.

NetSuite is a subscription based service that provides real-time visibility for everyone.


’s data center manages the architecture, performance, security and reliability of data for their clients.

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Multi-tenant solution provided by vendor

What is Cloud Computing

Automated backups, uptime, SLA, maintenance

Automated upgrades

Elastic, pay as you go


up or down

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Modern web based integration

Web and mobile -access

from anywhere

Run Your Entire Business in the Cloud









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Sales Rep/




Suite Cloud Platform: Powers Complex

Customization & Application Extensions

Developer Tools



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Why Choose NetSuite?


Cloud based and accessible from remote locations. Enables management of distributed workforce and outsourcing .


from Anywhere: Real-time role based dashboards, Self Service Reporting

& Analytics, Personalized Dashboards and KPIs.




Automatic upgrades

by NetSuite: Eliminates infrastructure upgrades, automatic customization migration.

IT cost reduction

: No separate license cost for hardware, desktop and server operating system cost, upgrade cost, database and application cost etc.

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Net Suite Implementation – Key Modules

Financial Accounting

Inventory Management



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NetSuite Implementation – Key Modules

NetSuite provides a single integrated data source for all applications. The main components of NetSuite include:

Financials /ERP

: Features include Order to Cash management,

Purchasing & Order management, Inventory Management, Financial accounting and Payroll & Employee Management.


: NetSuite

’s Customer Relation Management covers all customer touch points. Some of the supported features are - Sales Force

Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Support & Service.


: NetSuite's ecommerce functionality leverages the power of the World Wide Web. The ecommerce portal ties together online customer acquisition efforts with back-office order fulfillment and order management functionality. The Web Store includes features such as credit card processing, PayPal, secured shopping cart, integrated inventory & order management, eBay integration etc.

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Financials & ERP -Features

NetSuite streamlines back-office processes for growing and mid-size businesses. By melding your business processes together - rather than isolating them as departmental functions - you improve communication and collaboration across all departments.

NetSuite eliminates the need for data re-entry, batch downloads or data consolidation, improving your productivity and competitive edge.

Reduced IT costs by 50% or more

Accelerated financial close by 20%


Cut quote-to-cash cycles by 50% or more

Reduced invoicing costs by 25%


Improved sales productivity up to 20%

Reduced days sales outstanding (DSO) by 10%


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Financials & ERP - Features

NetSuite provides a single integrated data source for all applications.

NetSuite OneWorld

: Enables global implementation of multiple subsidiaries covering multiple geographies in one instance.

Multi-currency features

: Enable recording of transactions in local currencies and also reporting in local currencies as well as in group level currencies.


Enables easy final consolidation of financial statements in group currency involving account balances in different currencies.

Multi country tax set up:

NetSuite OneWorld set up enables setting up tax schedules applicable for different subsidiaries based on geographic locations.

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Powerful Transaction Management:

Procure-to-Pay Management :

Integrates order fulfilment with inventory management and suppliers, improving efficiency at every step.

Record to report :

Net Suite provides for flexible setting up the company structure and financial segmentation along with core accounting operations-based business processes which enables accurate and detailed reporting and dash boards with up to date data.

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ERP : Transaction management

Order-to-Cash Management :

Net Suite ERP fast tracks order-to-cash process by integrating with Net Suite CRM capabilities or with third-party CRM system and manages lead to order processing seamlessly .


Project to Cash :

The business processes focus on the management of projects, which covers project setup and time entry. NetSuite provides advanced capabilities that include the ability to manage expenses and billings associated to projects.

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Inventory Management

NetSuite provides intelligent control over inventory replenishment, helping ensure that you have enough on hand to fill anticipated orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum. Average lead time, historical or seasonal-based sales demand, and number of days

’ supply to stock are used to dynamically set reorder points and preferred stock levels for each item, on an ongoing basis. You can always override or disable these calculations for individual items to handle atypical circumstances. You set up the rules, NetSuite runs the numbers - the end result is a dynamic ordering queue in which you can order all your inventory items with one click and get what you need, when you need it.

Leverage lot and bin management to effectively manage inventory locations and costs

Serialized inventory allows traceability of products across all stages of production

Track and manage key indicators such as shipping costs, delivery performance, inventory levels and more.

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Inventory Management

NetSuite offers units of measure capabilities combined with quantity-based pricing, allowing you to offer flexibility in volume pricing and better control your restock levels.

Units are also reflected in your sales and inventory reports, so that you can analyze which units have the highest sell-through rates, and later adjust your pricing, production and stock levels to maximize revenue.

Seamlessly leverage multiple units of measure for buying, selling and costing

Manage unit measurement across your website, retail stores and partner channels

Improve invoicing accuracy by using and validating correct unit measurement.

Validate purchase order costing by matching deliveries to vendor requirements.

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CRM Module

Sales Force Automation:

Includes features such as Lead Tracking & Assignment,

Lead Routing, Opportunity Management, Quote Generation, Team Selling,

Commissions Management, Forecast and Order Management.

Marketing Automation:

Online Lead Forms, Automatic Campaign Tracking &

Analysis, Lead Source Management, Email Campaign Management, Campaign

Marketing, etc.

Customer Support & Service:

Includes Case Management, Case Capture from

Web Site, Auto Escalation, Case Tracking, etc.

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E Commerce : Overview

E- Commerce:

Net Suite provides for seamless business management suite and ecommerce platform that allows to run the entire organization from the cloud.

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NetSuite Ecommerce: SuiteCommerce

NetSuite SuiteCommerce gives you the industry's only cloud-based ecommerce storefront that centralizes all your customer, marketing, financial and inventory data, connecting all your processes and delivering unprecedented visibility and efficiency.

Efficiently operate across physical stores, web, smartphones, tablets and call centers without managing multiple systems

Engage customers with a relevant and personalized shopping experience across all touch points

Manage orders customers, inventory, suppliers, marketing and more from a single integrated solution

Offer targeted promotions and merchandising based upon key business metrics such as inventory, margin and conversion rates

Run multiple branded and localized (language and currency) webstores from a single instance

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SuiteCloud Platform:

Easy Verticalization

. Verticalization to your industry-specific needs has never been easier.

Customizations Don

’t Break

. Customizations and extensions carry forward seamlessly with upgrades, making maintenance nightmares a thing of the past.


Standards-based Web Services make it simpler to extend NetSuite to other systems, vertical solutions, and third party add-on capabilities.


. Applications you build using SuiteFlex are hosted within NetSuitewhich comes complete with a 99.5% uptime guarantee, robust Oracle & J2EE architecture and world-class security infrastructure.

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Our Value –

Benefits to Customers

- Detailed knowledge about each net

• Each Module headed by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for a client not known to Net Suite team.

•Minimal Implementation Costs – Emphasis on building long term relationship library contents.

• Personalised level of support to each client as Operation support team is

- Prohibitory cost of service charges by

• Support staff understands Netsuite and Accounting perspective in ERP .

and hand holding

Additional Online Admin help if Admin level support is availed

• Very moderate operation support costs

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Net Suite Implementation – Collaborative Strategy

In house professional team

Partner support by Net Suite



Personalized operation support

Adoption of

Implementation best practices

Operations support team backed up by

Net Suite support for critical issues

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Implementation Methodology Highlights

Collaborative approach

Adopt One


Best Practices

Professional Team

Prospance Inc. – A preferred Net Suite partner . Joint collaborative approach to implementation.

Guidance from Net Suite services implementation team during implementation.

Adoption of Net Suite One methodology during implementation.

Deliverables & sign off process for each stage of implementation.

Plans, Business Requirement document, test cases , User test plan & result , Training plans & training docs to be used.

Use ERP implementation best practices based on extensive experience of other ERP implementations.

Adoption of Net Suite best practice recommendations.

ERP implementation is being handled by experienced finance professional team -

• help provided from technical as well accounting perspective.

Post GOLIVE support by experienced team who are part of implementation team.

Each module headed by a Subject Matter expert (SME) .

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Implementation schedule




Implementation highlights


Standard Project Implementation Schedule

Wk1 Wk2 Wk3 Wk4 Wk5 Wk6 Wk7 Wk8

Requirement Gathering & Sign Off

Data Collection & sign off

Desgin & Configuration

User Training

System Testing

Data migration & GO LIVE

Warranty Support

Vanilla Net Suite implementation will be done in a time period of 6 weeks for Financial accounting and CRM. For other modules, time estimate will be provided once requirements analysis phase is completed and time schedule is finalized.

Two (2) weeks of warranty support is provided post GO-LIVE to address end user issues.

Two (2) weeks of training provided to customers

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Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Support & SLA terms

Operations support will be provided 24 *5 during working days.

Customers can raise cases in Net Suite CRM or they can contact by Phone .

Case /Defect will be responded based on level of service purchased.

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