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"Coding the Future"
Genesis Futuristic Technologies (P) Ltd.
A-29, Sector 57, Noida, UP 201 301, INDIA
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"Coding the Future"
Genesis Group – A solution driven company founded in 2000, promoted by IITians and ex-defence
We align ourselves with our customers from initial requirement gathering to final
implementation as partners to assist them in achieving goals and objectives.
Vision – “Become a globally respected corporation providing best-in-breed solutions employing
best-in-class professionals.”
Mission – “Leadership by focused product and IP creation.”
We have global presence and the group companies are:
₋ Genesis Futuristic Technologies Ltd., India
₋ Genesis Net Labs (P) Ltd., India
₋ Genesis Location Services (P) Ltd., India
₋ Genesis Futuristic Technologies Inc., USA
₋ Genesis Telecare S.R.L., Cameroon
₋ Genesis Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
"Coding the Future"
"Coding the Future"
 1st Company to implement RFID tracking for People and Logistic
Tracking in an International Event
 1st Company to develop a Frequency Management Solution for FM
Radio Stations
 1st Company to develop Radio over WAP
 1st Company to Start Telemedicine in Rural Africa
"Coding the Future"
The team has comprehensive experience in undertaking large projects :
 UPRE project – Largest power distribution project in India undertaken by a
private company. Project covered 17 districts and more than 6300 villages.
 HAFED – A Govt. of Haryana undertaking, more than 200 construction
estimations successfully done till date
"Coding the Future"
Error prone data handling, Data redundancy,
Problems in Standardization & Data
No proper analytical capability to judge project
status / project health
Lack of BI for projections in terms of Time-CostResources
Improper Auditing & Reconciliation facilities at
the closure of projects
"Coding the Future"
Project Management Framework – Control over task inter-dependencies
Efficient Project Handling - Engaging the right people in the right way, and
at the right time
Scheduling – Which task? When? Where?
Project Monitoring – Meeting timelines, managing resources, cost
Review and Feedback – Auditing & Reconciliation
"Coding the Future"
A completely Web-based, network-enabled, multi-user
application for Construction & EPC, Architectural & Urban
Planning, Retail, Logistics & Supply Chain and Manufacturing
affiliated industry
"Coding the Future"
Risk Analysis
Data Exchange
Progress Reporting
Resource Planning
Cost Control
"Coding the Future"
Efficient cost-sheets and MRR preparation
Maintenance of reusable repository of old data sheets
Error free calculations and non duplication of data
Simultaneously handling Multiple projects involving a large
number of variables for planning, monitoring and control
Audit and Reconciliation – Accounts closure, Budgetary deviations,
Resource Accounting
"Coding the Future"
 Assemblies
Manage Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
also known as ‘Schedule of Rates’
 Bill of Material
Prepare specifications for material,
manpower and equipments
 Cost Book
Prepare “Analysis of Rates” for Assemblies,
taking into account resource requirements,
overheads and contingencies
"Coding the Future"
 Definitive Estimate:
Generate Detailed Cost-Sheets (Scope of Work, Bill of Quantity, etc.)
Data automatically collated at different levels (project/subproject)
User can copy from Existing Project Templates
 Tender Management:
Automatically create/publish DNITs
Invite vendor quotes
Provides bid-analysis reports (techno-commercial)
 Control Estimate:
Defines Project-Control parameters; collect ‘As-built’ data from sites
System generates ‘Project Health Reports’, ‘Resource/Cost forecast’
Audit/Reconciliation reports based on the control/as-built data
"Coding the Future"
 Unit Converter and Expression Parser
• A Handy tool for Engineers/Estimators
 Address Book
• Manage contacts like employees, suppliers,
 Document Manager
• Manage documents/references
"Coding the Future"
CFO/ Financial
IT Manager
Total control over TimeResource-Cost
 Saves efforts for extra
calculation for Time and Cost
 Real time update of database
and relevant backups
Trend Analysis capabilities
 Different Cost Sheets for
different Jobs
 MIS reporting on daily basis
Real time and Accurate MIS
Flexible framework for
Integration with other ERPs
Best Suite to your
Organization  Open to
 Trend Analysis Time Vs Cost
 Binding Finance, Inventory,
and management teams to
each other
 Real time and Accurate MIS
 Database and record
 Budget Tracking
 Future Cost Projections
 Reconciliation/ Auditing
– One stop solution
"Coding the Future"
Project Manager
 BOQ and BOM generation
 Better data management
 Real-time updates and
better visibility of
 Advanced Trend analysis
 Specific time based job
 Project Health monitoring
(time/resource based)
Purchase Manager
 Tracking of
 Specification Records
 Order and Supply
 Resource Allocation, Reallocation and Shifting
 Result evaluation and
Planning through past
project data
 Database and record
maintenance for future
 Higher Accuracy and Higher
Efficiency in projections
using historical data
 Reconciliation/Auditing of
Resources and Cost
– One stop solution
"Coding the Future"
Best minds from premier institutes of India
work with us
We bring a decade of experience in handling
customizable solutions and implementations
Best in class products, software and service
Improper Auditing & Reconciliation facilities at
the closure of projects
"Coding the Future"
For further queries, please feel free to contact:
Mr. Amit Kumar,
Genesis Futuristic Technologies (P) Ltd.
A-29, Sector 57
Noida, UP 201 301, INDIA
Phone: +91-120-4132-713 -to- 719
Fax: +91-120-4235701