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Sumofyou Technologies Private Limited

Thinking Different Makes Us Unique


 Sumofyou Technologies Pvt

Ltd is a leading solution provider for Internet based applications.

Established in 2008 December19,

The Company has been promoted by some highly experienced

Professionals dedicated to provide total unique IT solutions under one roof. It possesses not only the latest technology gadgets but also the most knowledgeable and experience hands to offer most user friendly customized solutions. We are not different from customers and we know the customers need better.


Our visions is to make things simple and achievable for our clients with great values and get their struggles and provide them a platform to grow their business further and faster through our unique IT services and developments.

Lets make the generation to “BENCHMARK”


Our mission is to make the dream of individuals as true and Build, maintain healthy IT platforms through our unique value proposition which makes our customer life easy. Create an eco system where we partner with customers and partners through high trust and integrity.

Win-Win through Best-of-Breed Partnership with customers!!!


 At SumOfYou, we understand that our clients need to do more with less, respond quickly to the needs of their markets and get more strategic advantage from IT.

We are uniquely able to help you tackle these business challenges. Be it IT services, business solutions or outsourcing, we can assure you a level of certainty unmatched by other players in the field.

Salient Features

In order to deliver a high quality solution to our clients, we’ve a high-tech infrastructure.

24x7 Operations and resources availability as per the project needs.

Predefined software development environment for:

- Development

- Staging

Data Security Management

Predefined process for the data backup

Technology Communication Backbone

100% Power Backup with infrastructure uptime of 99%

Our Values

We have excellent technical expertise and thorough domain understanding to deliver you high quality IT services.

However its not only technical expertise on which people do business with a company, here are some non technical strengths which sets us apart from most of our competitors.

We never compromise on skill & quality

We go an extra mile to achieve highest degree of quality

We maintain ethical and professional conduct

We value your business

We adapt seamlessly to customer needs and environment

We maintain effective communication

We provide complete solutions

Service offering

Multimedia Solutions Web Solutions

Sumofyou technologies team offers creative designing services in the areas of digital publication, business presentations, video & interactive flash animations.

Combining our aptitude of creativity with technology expertise we bring your projects to life .

Sumofyou technologies is a full size Professional Web Solutions

Company, in which, we Design &

Develop Websites, We are specialized in Web Page Design,

Web Site Design, Web Site Re-

Design, Web Site Development,

Portal Development, Internet, .

Service offering

Mobile Application Linux Kernel Development

Sumofyou technologies has been developing mobile apps for mobile phones supporting all os and it has developed unique apps for the apple app store and also for the android app store.

Sumofyou technologies has been developed using Kernel and uses both Linux Kernel and the Real Time Operating

System. The type of kernel usage varies based upon the processors of the mobile phone - that is high end phones use Linux kernel.

Delivery model @ Sumofyou Tech

Project Mangement practices

customer co-ordinator project manager team leader developer

Request for proposal

Architectu ral design

AD approval




Detailed design



User require ments


UR approval

Acceptanc e Testing

Intergrag e Testing


Unit And


Sign off

Project Management Methodology

time boxed Test/Develop





Working Code



Sprint Planning


• Review Product blog

• Estimate Sprint


• Commit

Daily Scrum


• Done since last meeting

• Plan for today

• Road block / accelerators

Time based cycle

Spring Review


• Demo features

• Sprint adventures

Technical Depth

 Platforms: Microsoft Windows , Linux and Mac

 Languages: PHP,Python, Java,C#, and Rupy

 Framework : Django and codeigniter.

 Databases: MySQL,NoSQL,SQLServer and Oracle

 Methodology: Agile-Scrum and Waterfall.

Domain Expertise


Sales and Distribution


Hospitality Industries




Our Strength

We have the following distinct edge:

• Specialized and focused


Maximize Return on your


Response Time

SLA Based Agreements

Execution Framework &


Agile Methodology

Ramp Up & Infrastructure

Track record with verifiable references

Advantages of Sumofyou Tech

Skilled IT professionals.

State-of-the-art infrastructure.

Proven offshore outsourcing model.

Establishment work execution & delivery process.

• Quick turnaround time.

Satisfied clients globally.

Consistent growth & performance.

Proximity to skilled manpower source.

Advantages of Sumofyou Tech

Exploit the time zone advantage and reap the benefits of 24-hour development cycle.

Utilization of India’s abundant English speaking IT talent at economical rates.

Drastically reduce operating costs. Gain access to world-class software engineering skills.

Share the risks involved in development. Seek resources not available inhouse.

Finish projects which otherwise cannot be finished in-house projects.

Free up non-capital resources for other in-house projects. Gain a fresh and new perspective on a stalled project.

Localize existing software for use in other countries & markets. High quality and cost- effective solution.

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Client List - International

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