Entrepreneurial Leave Program - Office of the Vice President for

University of Minnesota
Entrepreneurial Leave Program
March 2012
Entrepreneurial Leave Program
Facilitate temporarily leave for faculty inventors who want to
help an external organization commercialize a UMN IP-based
product or service.
UMN Benefit:
Create institutional value by …….
• increasing potential for successful translation and
commercialization of research
• increased faculty knowledge and experience for teaching
• improved commercial research focus
• increased UMN public engagement
Office for Technology Commercialization
Entrepreneurial Leave Program
Why is this important?
• President Kaler is committed to a culture of
entrepreneurialism and innovation
• Faculty inventors are a key ingredient in successful
commercialization of UMN research
• Increasing pressure to demonstration ROI and drive economic
development from research
• There is a need to increase public engagement and industry
Office for Technology Commercialization
University of Louisville
Ohio State University
National Cancer Institute-Frederick
Northwestern University-McCormick
Michigan Tech
Stanford University
University of Utah
Columbia University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Active program
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Active program
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Chuck Muscoplat, Senior VP; System Academic Admin
Mos Kaveh, Associate Dean; College of Science and Engineering
Abel Ponce de Leon, Associate Dean; Food, Agr, Nat Rsrc Sci Admin
Tucker LeBien, Associate VP for Research; AHC
Office for Technology Commercialization
• Work within the same structure as we have today by keeping the program rules
mostly the same
• Sabbatical Leave, Single Semester Leave and Entrepreneurial Leave
• Available when working with UMN licensed IP or when substantially
demonstrating institutional benefit (business faculty)
• No salary support but no limit the amount of outside compensation available to
the faulty
• Operation details are TBD; coverage to offset healthcare benefits costs
• Limited to one year, requires 100% leave
• Eligibility every four years
• Requires monthly “check-ins” with supervisor and OTC representative
Keep it simple, work within the current framework
Take a first step and get it out quickly
Office for Technology Commercialization