20141213 Issue - 2015 CIE Officer

Chinese Institute of Engineers/USA-DFW Chapter
Dec. 13, 2014
For Internal Use ONLY
2015 Officer Team
Xinfen Chen, Ph.D.
Executive VP
Simon Chang
VP Secretary
Xiang Luo, Ph.D.
VP Treasurer
Jessica Yang
Convention Chair
Edward Yu
VP Public Relations
Xinxin Sun, Ph.D.
VP Youth Programs
Allan Zhong, Ph.D.
VP Young
Wen-Shin Wang
2015 Board of
Mark Carpenter
Simon Chang
Xinfen Chen, Ph.D.
Charles Chou
Claire Jung, Ph.D.
David Kao, Ph.D.
Wei-Jen Lee, Ph.D.
Chinpei Tang, Ph.D.
Grace Tyler
Michael Wang
Year End Donation
We encourage our members to make a monetary donation to your organization before the
end of 2014.
• Make a contribution to your organization and take advantage of the tax return benefit.
• Check out with your employer about volunteer incentive program that matches your
• CIE will show your name for your enthusiastic contributions in the 2015 CIE DFW
To donate, follow the easy steps:
1. Budget $100, $200, $500 or any other number
2. Write a check payable to CIE/USA-DFW
3. Mail the check to: P.O. Box 833025, Richardson, Texas 75083-3025
4. Send e-mail to Jessica Yang (jy1373@att.com) with your amount, she will issue you a
donotion receipt for tax return.
Planning Status
• CIE Night, the traditional Chinese New Year celebration banquet will be held at Maxim's
Chinese Restaurant on January 31, 2015. UTD FACSS will be our co-host. 9 course deluxe
Chinese feast has been contracted. Kids of members having performance talents are
highly desired. Volunteers with decoration experience are demanded!
• CIE Spring Technology Symposium is scheduled on March 7, 2015 at UTD College of
Engineering. Planning was kicked off on December 7. Committee members from CIE
technical team, Zhejiang University DFW Alumni Association (co-host), Oncor Electric
Delivery and Raytheon have set the blueprint for this forum to be on Internet of Things
(IoT) to reflect current technology trends.
• CIE Annual Convention is scheduled on August 15 Saturday, 2015 at Renaissance
Richardson Hotel. After several rounds of hard negotiations, CIE and the bidding hotels
are shortening the gaps. The committee are recruiting several key leaders including
Banquet chair, Proceeding Chair, and VIP Reception chair.
• Young Professional Program team will meet at The Orientation to discuss topics and
ideas. The first activity is planned to be a happy hour in mid-January.
• The logistic support team lead by VP Secretary had a meeting to consolidate the plan for
membership drive, asset management, newsletter editing, and web support/
development. Skilled volunteers are demanded for Web development, art design and
publication editing. The first issue of monthly newsletter will be published on January 15,
Planed event updates
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Q1 2015 Calendar
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CIE/USA-DFW Chapter was established in 1989, a non-profit
organization with the focus to promote awareness and
advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics (STEM).
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