DeepStar AUV 11304 Brief to API 130115 rev1

A Global Deepwater R&D Consortium
AUV Interface Standards for
Deepwater Fields
John Jacobson
Lockheed Martin Corporation
January 15, 2013
API 17 Subcommittee Meeting
DeepStar 11304
Why Are We Here?
 DeepStar requests API 17 approve development
of a Task Report leading to standardization of
AUV Interfaces
 DeepStar:
– Has funded this work through CTR 11304
– Will contribute draft Task Report to API
DeepStar 11304
DeepStar Members
Phase XI Participants
Phase XI Contributors
2H Offshore Inc.
Knowledge Reservoir
Saipem S.A
Aker Subsea Inc.
Doris Engineering
Lighthouse R&D Enterprises
SBM Atlantia, Inc.
Alan C. McClure Associates
EDG, Inc
Lockheed Martin, Corp
Alcoa Inc.
Magma Global Limited
Scoperta, Inc.
Altair Engineering Inc
Flour Enterprises, Inc.
Marine Computation Services Kenny
SeaTrepid International, LLC
American Bureau of Shipping
FMC Technologies
Marintek USA, Inc
Siemens Energy
Amog Consulting inc.
Frank's International, Inc.
MMI Engineering
Baker Petrolite Corporation
GE Oil & Gas (Vetco Gray Inc.)
Moog, Inc
Sonomatic, Inc.
Battelle Memorial Institute
GL Noble Denton
Multiphase Solutions Kenny, Inc
Southwest Research Institute
Granherne, Inc
Nalco Energy Services
Stress Engineering
Blade Energy Partners
GVA Consultants
National Oilwell Varco
BMT Reliability Consultants
Oceaneering International, Inc.
Texas A&M University
Bornemann Pumps
Harris, Corp
Oil State Industries Inc
University of Houston
Hytorc of Texas, Inc.
Pipeline Research Council Int'l Inc.
Champion Technologies, Inc.
Pulse Structural Monitoring, Inc
CSI Technologies, LLC
InterMoor Inc.
DeepStar 11304
Future Vision for Autonomous
Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance (IRM)
AUVs offer significant improvements in safety and operating efficiencies as
well as substantial reductions in cost over current methods:
No divers or umbilical in the water
Smaller vessels and fewer people at sea
Faster, more efficient inspection operations
Vessel independent, permanent presence for remote locations and hostile environments
AUVs will leverage a wide range of inspection sensors and technologies,
including video, photographic, sonar, laser, ultrasonic, magnetic, and others
AUVs offer high potential for future intervention capabilities such as sampling,
data harvesting, and valve operations that will achieve improved safety and
operating efficiencies
AUVs will become an increasingly important tool for IRM Operations
DeepStar 11304
Task Motivation
The development of industry standards for AUV interfaces, similar to the API
standards for ROVs, will:
 Lead to compatible system designs by AUV vendors and field hardware
manufacturers, and
 Enable safer, more efficient and cost effective operations of subsea fields.
Future capabilities and benefits of AUVs will be substantially enhanced
through the use of standardized interfaces with subsea facilities
DeepStar 11304
Preliminary List of AUV Interfaces
for Standardization
• Docking
• Battery Charging
• Communications:
o Supervisory Communications
o Video and Data transfer
o Data Harvesting
• Mechanical Intervention
Standardization must consider both Greenfield and Brownfield Applications
DeepStar 11304
Several Industry Developments involving
AUV Interfaces for Deepwater Fields are Already Underway
 SWIMMER (Total / Technip)
 AIV (Subsea 7 / SeeByte)
 Sabertooth (Saab SeaEye)
 Marlin (Lockheed Martin)
Early Standardization of Interfaces will
benefit all Industry Stakeholders
DeepStar 11304
AUV Interface Standards for Deepwater Fields
Near Term Study Tasks
 Conduct Industry Surveys
Identify AUV Interfaces Contemplated by Industry
Gather Information on Alternative AUV Interface Concepts
Assess Interface Requirements foreseen by Industry
 Conduct Industry Workshops
Hold Focused Discussions with Key Stakeholder Groups
Assess Alternative Interface Concepts and Requirements
Identify Interfaces / Parameters benefiting from Standardization
Surveys & Workshops
to be conducted by
with staffing provided by
Support Contractor
Lockheed Martin
 Generate Report for Stakeholder Assessment
Review and Assess Survey / Workshop Output
Recommend Interfaces for Standardization
Recommend API Approve DeepStar Task Report on AUV Interfaces;
DeepStar will release Task Report to API
DeepStar 11304
Recommend API Approve DeepStar
Task Report on AUV Interfaces.
DeepStar will release Task Report to API
John Jacobson
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Greg Kusinski
DeepStar Director
DeepStar 11304
DeepStar 11304
DeepStar - 20 Years of Deepwater
R&D Excellence
DeepStar is an operator funded Research & Development collaboration
between oil companies, vendors, regulators and academic/research
institutes started in 1991
 Vision
– Premier global forum to define deepwater technology needs.
– Execute development and adoption of deepwater technology projects.
 Value
Leverage financial and technical resources to:
 Deliver technology needs
 Build deepwater technical competency
 Strategy
– Technology development aligned with business needs
– Transfer and apply technology to deepwater assets
– Gain acceptance of deepwater technologies by industry, standards
organizations and regulators
DeepStar 11304