The aim of the week:
• Young people recognise and
challenge bullying behaviour
wherever it happens - whether face
to face or in cyberspace.
Digital facts
• 93% of young people in the UK now have
access to a computer or mobile phone
• Each day about 20 million ‘tweet’
• 69% of parents add their children to their
Facebook friends
Digital risks
• 12% of 11–16 year olds in the UK have received
an unwanted sexual message/image online
• 88% of images young people put online reappear
on ‘parasite website’
• 58% of young women in a recent poll said that
Facebook was more important than their parents
Stay safe
• You have the right to feel safe and
not be cyberbullied when using
digital technologies
Keeping each other safe
• Don’t be a bystander - look out for each other
• If you see something, say something
• Report what makes you feel uncomfortable
Have fun
• You have the right to have fun when using
digital technologies
• Online gaming
• Social networking site
• Mobile phones
Stay connected
• You have the right to stay connected to the
people that you care about.
• Take time out - know when to disconnect