Family Literacy Night

Welcome to our
Family Literacy Night.
• reading is a thinking activity
• how we teach reading in our classrooms
• how you can support your
child at home
Reading in the Classroom
Modeled Reading or Read Alouds
Shared Reading
Guided Reading
Independent Reading
Modeled Reading or Read Alouds
I do…you watch…
Shared Reading
We do together…
Guided Reading
You do…I watch and coach…
Independent Reading
You do…
Fix-up Strategies
Does it…..
sound right ?
look right ?
make sense ?
Fix-up Strategies Cont’d
• Look at the picture
• Go back
• Skip the word and read on
• Try a word
• Go on keep reading
High Level Questions
Elbow Partner Time
Is there any other
way you help your
child at home with
• School Council Chair, Jeff Reynolds
• Day Care Provider, Sue Kowch
• Parent Volunteers
• Our Teachers