General awareness training

< Insert school name here >
Emergency Plan
< Insert date here >
• To provide staff with an overview of the school
emergency plan
Risk assessment exercise
• Discuss what emergencies you think could affect
< insert name of school here >
• Put these risks into priority order, taking into
account the likelihood of the risk, and the impact it
would have
Loss of utility supply
Building collapse
Suspicious package
Transport accident
Public health incident
Benefits of preparing for emergencies
• Identify possible emergencies and put measures
in place to prevent them
• Assist in responding to an emergency
• Maintain the provision of education during an
• Assist in recovering from an emergency
Contents of the emergency plan
Contact details
Roles and responsibilities of staff
Information on the school site
Communication arrangements
Procedures for evacuation, shelter and lockdown
Distribution and security
• Where are copies of the plan held?
• Who has copies of the plan?
• Security considerations
Roles and responsibilities – SEMT
• School Emergency Management Team (SEMT)
roles include:
– Co-ordination
– Business continuity
– Communications
– Log-keeping
– Media management
– Resources
– Welfare
Roles and responsibilities – other staff
• Ensure the safety of pupils wherever possible
– Respond calmly
– Provide reassurance
– First aid
• Maintain the normal school routine
• Assist other members of staff
Educational visits
• < Insert emergency procedures for educational
visit here >
Extended services
• < Insert emergency procedures for extended
services here >
Evacuation procedures
• < Insert information on evacuation procedures
here >
Shelter procedures
< Insert information on shelter procedures here >
Lockdown procedures
< Insert information on lockdown procedures here >
• Methods of communicating with:
– Pupils
– Parents / carers
– Governors
– Extended services
• In an emergency, events can occur very rapidly
and it is vital to keep an accurate record of events
• All staff involved in the response should maintain
an incident log
• Any emergency affecting a school may afterwards
become the subject of a detailed inquiry. Records
should be retained after the incident for future
• Frequency of review
• Responsibility for review
• Destroying old copies of the plan
• If you have any questions about the plan, or
suggestions for improving it, please contact:
< Insert name and contact details here >