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Juliet Brookes
Teaching Schools – School-based R&D
 Evidence-based teaching is a DfE priority.
 By knowing what works energy will be invested in things more likely
to deliver the best results; and
 Money will be invested in the right things.
 Move towards the school-led system, Teaching Schools are key to
this shift.
What is Evidence-Based Teaching
“Teaching practice or school-level approaches that are based
upon the results of evidence about interventions or strategies
that are effective in helping pupils to progress.”
Nelson and O’Beirne, 2014.
The ultimate test would be whether teachers could explain their
choices and practice by referring to a robust evidence base and
using logical argument and reasoning; rather than, for example,
saying that they do it because they have been told to by Ofsted or
Teaching Schools
 452 Teaching School Alliances
 The Big 6: School-led ITT, CPD, Supporting other schools,
Identifying and developing leadership potential, Specialist leaders of
education, R&D
 School-based R&D
 TS R&D network large projects:
Evidence-based Teaching
Closing the Gap: Test and Learn
The TS handbook states that each Teaching School Alliance is
expected to:
 build on existing research and contribute to alliance and wider
 base new initiatives within their alliance on existing evidence and
ensure they can measure them
 work with other teaching schools in their area, or nationally, where
 ensure that their staff use existing evidence
 allow their staff the time and support they need take part in research
and development activities
 share learning from research and development work with the wider
school system
So what are we doing to support
Teaching Schools?
 Large scale projects
 Building capacity and capability
 Disseminating
 Encouraging Teaching Schools to work more closely
with their HEI partner(s).
Evidence-based Teaching project
 This project sits within a wider EBT programme which emerged
following a series of submissions to the SoS.
 The aim is to encourage the teaching profession to improve its
practice through rigorous use of evidence and research.
 To develop expertise and explore different approaches to EBT within
and across alliances
Facts and figures
 2 opportunities to express interest
1st round – 93 TS alliances applied
Funding available for 10 alliances.
2nd round – open now and expect similar take-up for the next 10 grants.
 2 year project
 Commissioned Manchester Metropolitan University to facilitate
and deliver training
 Kick start was on 21st May
Closing the Gap: test and learn
scheme - aims
 Find out which interventions help to close the attainment gap for
disadvantaged schools.
 Introduce schools to randomised controlled trials.
 Increase knowledge and understanding of quantitative research
methods across the school system
 Investigate the capacity of the school system to collaborate on largescale research projects.
Facts and figures
7 randomised controlled trials
running over two academic years
(2013-14 & 2014-15), testing
interventions chosen by schools.
11,000 pupils in over 600 schools.
180 Teaching schools collaborating
with schools in their alliances to
coordinate research activity.
Interventions and providers
 Achievement for All 3As – Achievement for All
 CUREE – Response to Intervention (RTI) and Research Lesson
Study (RLS)
 Edgehill University – First Class at Number
 Leicester City Council Education Services – Inference Training
 Oxford University Press – Numicon
 Portsmouth University – Growth Mindsets
The schools themselves are responsible for choosing which
intervention they wish to help test, booking their training in the delivery
of the intervention and purchasing the pre and post-tests for the pupils.
Some challenges…
 Access to the evidence base
 Skills
 Time
Some small steps…
 RCT - early adopters
 Special and early years contexts
 Culture change
 Dissemination
 Appetite for R&D
Contact details
If you want to carry on the conversation or want to involve TSAs in your
work please email [email protected]