“Nowhere to Turn, Nowhere to Go”
LIS Services for Sexual & Gender (LGBTQ) Minorities
Master of Library & Information Studies, University of Alberta
Alvin M. Schrader, PhD
Professor Emeritus, & Adjunct Professor, iSMSS, University of Alberta
September 2013
Key presentation themes:
• Situating LGBTQ (sexual & gender variant) communities
internationally; in the Canadian mosaic; in Canadian library &
information services
• Key resources for supporting LGBTQ library & information services
• Canadian policy framework for championing LGBTQ library &
information services
• Challenges, barriers, issues in LGBTQ library & information services
Library collections
Subject access to library collections
Internet access & filtering in libraries
• Library services & collection strategies for supporting LGBTQ
• Links between LGBTQ discrimination and misogyny & sexism
Another framing:
Challenging Silence
Challenging Censorship
Building Resilience
Sources: Freedom to Mary; ILGA: Int’l LGBTI Assn; CIA
World Factbook,. Comps. sergio Pecanha & Bill Marsh, NYT
Sources: Freedom to Mary; ILGA: Int’l LGBTI Assn; CIA
World Factbook,. Comps. sergio Pecanha & Bill Marsh, NYT
* plus:
• 11. Denmark 2012
• Some jurisdictions: U.S.
• 12. England & Wales 2013 (2003+); Mexico (2009+)
• 13. Brazil 2013
• 14. France 2013
• 15. New Zealand 2013
• 16. Uruguay 2013
Milestones in Canadian LGBTQ Human Rights
1969 – federal decriminalization of same-sex sexual
1977 – Quebec first province to amend the Quebec
Charter of Rights and Freedoms to prohibit
discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation
1982 (s.15, 1985) – Canadian Charter of Rights and
1992 – Canadian military ended anti-gay policy
2005 – federal marriage equality
“Reaching Out: Library Services for
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and
Questioning Youth”
- a film by Lynne Barnes, 2004
Vancouver Men’s Chorus
~ Canadian LGBTQ statistics
~ Fred Small's “Everything Possible”
Not All Minorities are Visible
• Questions about identity are confusing, bewildering, &
impenetrable — but “generation queer” are coming out at
younger ages, especially trans-identifying kids.
• LGBTQ students in Canada are disproportionately targeted
for name-calling, bullying, & violence.
 2/3 of LGBTQ students feel unsafe in schools
 3/4 of trans students are verbally harassed
— Every Class in Every School, 2011
• Sexual, gender, & trans-identified minorities are invisible.
• Silence is a text easy to misread.
• Silence is complicity. Intolerance flourishes in silence.
– 14 million tweets/year
no homo
5 million tweets/year
so gay
5 million tweets/year
2 million tweets/year
all 4 terms – 26 million tweets/year
Public Service Announcement: www.youtube.com/nohomophobes
Volunteers for research project asking people to help categorize
tweets: www.nohomophobesresearch.com
“I was bullied growing up,
and the scars are still there.
But look at me now – I’ve
got the last laugh.”
– Susan Boyle, “Britain’s Got Talent,”
winner, 2009
• one LGBTQ person was murdered every
month in Canada 1990-2004
• many more were assaulted
• most perpetrators were young men
• disproportionate number of transidentified victims
- Pink Blood: Homophobic Violence in Canada,
by Douglas Victor Janoff (2005)
Life-altering library experience
• Libraries are so often how we learn about who we are – not
family, etc.
• My feelings sent me to the “symbolic world of language” in the
• That sent me back to feelings, and to people. And then to more
• It was a life-altering experience to learn of the category
“lesbian” in the library – and not only that, lesbian was a library
subject heading!
• “We will never know how many have found validation on the
shelves of libraries and in LCSH.”
- Alison Bechdel, paraphrasing acceptance speech at the 2007 American
Library Association “Stonewall Book Awards” for Fun Home
“Looking for myself in the word”
• Many LGBTQ youth have turned to libraries to discover more
about their identity and reality.
• “Librarians have individual power – they watch and see and
— Jewelle Gomez
• “We show wisdom in how we present information to the
public.” — Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan, BC Library Conference
• “The health of the LGBTQ community is a barometer of the
entire community.”
— Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel, Mayor’s Pride Brunch, 2007
• Librarians are catalysts for social change, supporting
diversity and fostering resiliency.
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Questioning Youth.” Film by Lynne Barnes, 2004 (16 mins) lynneword@hotmail.com
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historic speech by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Palais des Nations, Geneva,
Switzerland, December 6, 2011. youtube.com/watch?v=MudnsExyV78 Transcript at
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Other Resources: Trans-identified
- Conundrum, by Jan Morris. Faber and Faber, 1974 [paperback with new
introduction 2002].
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Report and a Suggestion,” by Talya Sokoll. Young Adult Library Services, 11.4
(Summer 2013): 23-26.
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Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper. Cleis Press, 2008.
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AuthorHouse, 2009.
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- Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man, by Chaz Bono, 2011.
- “Trans* Titles for Young Adults,” by Talya Sokoll, Summer 2013
Camp fYrefly
an annual youth leadership retreat
Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon – and
… and many many other media resources
Canadian Policy Framework for
Championing LGBTQ Library &
Information Services
Non-Discrimination; Inclusion; Safety;
Duty of Care
• Constitutional & legislative –
international; national; provincial; local
• Administration of justice, policing
• Public schools
• Teachers’ associations
Canadian Policy Framework
Non-Discrimination; Inclusion; Safety;
Duty of Care
• Constitutional & legislative –
• Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948
• Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989
• UN Resolution Against Anti-Gay
Discrimination 2011 – first UN resolution
• UN report on discrimination based on sexual
orientation and gender identity, Office of the
High Commissioner for Human Rights, 2011 –
first UN report
Canadian Policy Framework
Non-Discrimination; Inclusion; Safety;
Duty of Care
• Constitutional & legislative – national
• Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
• Canadian Human Rights Act
• Criminal Code of Canada
• Supreme Court of Canada cases – Surrey
School Board; Jubran; Kemperling; Little Sister’s
The Supreme Court of Canada:
Learning about tolerance is … learning that other
people’s entitlement to respect from us does not
depend on whether their views accord with our view.
Children cannot learn this unless they are exposed
to views that differ from those they are taught at
home…. Tolerance is always age appropriate.
– Chamberlain v. Surrey School District No. 36, 2002, par. 66,69
Canadian Policy Framework
Non-Discrimination; Inclusion; Safety;
Duty of Care
• Constitutional & legislative
• Administration of justice, policing – hate & bias
crimes unit; sexuality & gender diversity advisory
boards; LGBTQ police-community liaison committees
Canadian Policy Framework
Non-Discrimination; Inclusion; Safety;
Duty of Care
• Constitutional & legislative
• Administration of justice, policing
• Public schools, e.g., [Alberta] School Act; school
boards stand-alone policies on sexual orientation & gender
identity – Edmonton 2011, St. Albert 2012
“The [Edmonton Public Schools] Board is committed to establishing and
maintaining a safe, inclusive, equitable, and welcoming learning and
teaching environment for all members of the school community. This
includes those students, staff, and families who identify or are perceived
as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, queer or
questioning their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender
expression…. The Board will not tolerate harassment, bullying,
intimidation, or discrimination on the basis of a person’s actual or
perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.”
Canadian Policy Framework
Non-Discrimination; Inclusion; Safety;
Duty of Care
• Constitutional & legislative
• Administration of justice, policing
• Public schools
• Teachers’ associations
~ ATA Code of Professional Conduct – first teachers’
association to include sexual orientation 1999;
gender identity for students 2003, for teachers 2004
~ ATA Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Canadian Policy Framework…cont’d
• Library Associations
– International: IFLA, UNESCO, ALA policy & interpretations
– National: CLA position statements
~ Diversity & Inclusion / Énoncé sur la diversité et l’inclusion (2008):
The Canadian Library Association believes that a diverse and pluralistic
society is central to our country’s identity. Libraries have a responsibility to
contribute to a culture that recognizes diversity and fosters social inclusion.
Libraries strive to deliver inclusive service. Canada’s libraries recognize
and energetically affirm the dignity of those they serve, regardless of heritage,
education, beliefs, race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity,
physical or mental capabilities, or income.
Libraries understand that an acceptance of differences can place individual
and collective values in conflict. Libraries are committed to tolerance and
understanding. Libraries act to ensure that people can enjoy services free from any
attempt by others to impose values, customs or beliefs.
Canadian Policy Framework…cont’d
• Library Associations
– International
– National: CLA position statements
~ Diversity & Inclusion / Énoncé sur la diversité et l’inclusion
~ Students' Bill of Information Rights / Charte des droits de
l'élève à l'ère de l'information (CASL 1995)
We believe that all students should have the right to:
- access a wide range of print, non-print & electronic
learning resources at an appropriate level;
- explore materials expressing a variety of opinions &
perspectives; and
- freely choose reading, viewing & listening materials
for recreational & study purposes.
20+ years ago ...
AL printed several homophobic
letters to the editor condemning
the publication of this cover
photograph, as well as some
supportive letters and editorials
critical of the hostility. “The
point is clear: librarianship is
not an especially welcoming
place to gays and lesbians.” –
Christine L. Williams, "A Lesbigay
Gender Perplex: Sexual Stereotyping and
Professional Ambiguity in Librarianship,"
in James V. Carmichael, Jr., ed., Daring
to Find Our Names, 1998, p. 38.
- San Francisco Gay Pride
Parade, July/August 1992
Why our library doesn’t have LGBTQ-related materials …
• Young library users aren’t searching for gay & lesbian materials.
• My library doesn’t provide materials geared to specialized needs.
• Gay people don’t live in my community. At least they don’t seem to
use my library.
• Aren’t most of those materials too technical for most libraries?
• It’s too difficult to find reviews of these materials. How can I tell
what’s worthless and what’s worthwhile? And those materials require
ordering form special vendors.
• I don’t feel qualified to order these materials.
• My library’s vendor doesn’t handle those items.
• My library can’t afford gay/lesbian materials.
Why our library…
• Can’t people just use interlibrary loan to get these materials instead
of my having to buy them?
• I’m uncomfortable with what some of these materials are about.
• That stuff doesn’t belong in libraries – at least not in my library.
• I don’t approve of homosexuality or of homosexuals.
• The library’s books about AIDS adequately address the information
needs of its gay and lesbian patrons.
• Buying library materials for gay and lesbian library users endorses
the way these people live.
• We don’t need special booklists or indexes; gays and lesbians can
use the catalogue and periodical indexes like anyone else.
• We simply haven’t yet found the time to devote attention to covering
this particular subject area.
Library Collections:
Checklist Studies
LGBTQ Fiction for Teens in
Canadian Urban Public Libraries, 2004
LGBTQ Teen Titles
Number (/35)
Edmonton, Vancouver
Ottawa, Saskatoon
Regina, Winnipeg
- Boon and Howard 2004
LGBTQ Fiction for Teens & Children in
Alberta Public Libraries, 2006
LGBTQ Teen & Children’s Titles
Number (/52)
Grande Prairie
8 other urban centres
- Schrader 2007
LGBTQ Fiction for Teens & Children in
Alberta Public Libraries, 2006
• True Believer (63 libraries = 60%*)
• Bad Boy (58 = 55%)
• Touch of the Clown (53 = 50%)
• The Game (44 = 42%)
• The Misfits (31 = 30%)
• Postcards from No Man’s Land (31 = 30%)
• The Perks of Being a Wallflower (30 = 29%)
* n=105 libraries serving 1,200+ populations
- Schrader 2007
LGBTQ Titles Challenged in
Canadian Libraries, 2006-2012*
• “Angels in America,” DVD
• “Brazil,” DVD
• “Brüno,” DVD
• “The Girl Who Played with Fire,”
• “I Love You Phillip Morris,” DVD
• And Tango Makes Three, picture book
• King and King, picture book
• My Princess Boy, picture book
• The Sissy Duckling, picture book
• Uncle Bobby's Wedding, picture book
• Hard and Fast, short stories
• Xtra! West [news magazine]
* “CLA Annual Survey of Challenges to Canadian Library
Resources and Policies”
Unshelved, July 18, 2009
Subject Access: Subject Headings reflecting
LGBTQ-Related Content
Bisexuality – Fiction
Lesbians – Fiction
Gay teenagers – Juvenile Fiction
Lesbians – Juvenile Fiction
Gay men – Fiction
Lesbianism – Fiction
Gay Parents – Fiction
Lesbianism – Juvenile Fiction
Gay youth – New York (State) – New York – Fiction
Homosexuality – Fiction
Homosexuality – Juvenile Fiction
- Schrader 2007
Subject Access: Subject Headings not reflecting
LGBTQ Content
Coming of Age – Fiction
Conduct of life – Fiction
Emotions – Fiction
Erotic Stories
Friendship – Fiction
High Schools – Fiction
Identity – Fiction
Interpersonal relationships – Fiction
Love Stories
Schools – Juvenile Fiction
Self-Realization – Fiction
Sex – Fiction
Teenage boys – Fiction
- Schrader 2007
Subject Access to Teen Fiction reflecting
LGBTQ Content, EPL Catalogue, 2009
• Almost half of the LGBTQ titles used the subject
heading ‘homosexuality – juvenile literature’ (52 of 119,
or 44%)
• 21 different LGBTQ subject headings were used for
92 titles
• 1 out of 4 LGBTQ titles had no LGBTQ subject
access (27 of 119, or 23%)
- Lindy Pratch, EPL, 2009
(aka Censorware)
third-party commercial computer programs, relying
on exact match character recognition
explicit anti-gay policies – key words; categories
underblocking & overblocking are extensive
infinite variability & dynamics of human languages
representing human cultures – homonyms,
synonyms, metaphors, similes, double entendres,
regional variations, linguistic changes over time
illusory belief in power to control human behaviour
by prohibiting words & ideas
Censored Search Terms & Sites:
Super Bowl XXXI
groin injury
“The Beaver” [Canadian magazine]
SurfWatch blocked the entire
library web site of…
Archie R. Dykes Medical Library
Health Sites Blocked by Filters:
(Chart 3, Kaiser Family Foundation, 2002)
“Comrade” in LGBTQ sub-culture
in Communist China has been
appropriated to mean “gay”
“Don’t Filter Me!”
American Civil Liberties Union
Library Services & Collection Strategies for
Supporting Sexual Minority & Gender Variant
- Build Board and community support
- Create inclusive collections and services
- Ensure inclusive access to resources in all formats
holistic, interdependent
policy, process, procedures, planning
strategic partnerships for political support
visibility in communities
Library Services & Collection Strategies for
Supporting Sexual Minority & Gender Variant
 Board Policies and Legislation – Policy is protection!
 Community Development
 Professional Networking
 Selection Criteria
 Challenges and Reconsideration of Materials
 Collection Development
 Collection Access
 Web Access
 Library Access
 Promotion and Marketing
 Community Advocacy
 Professional Development
 Library Service Charter
Seize the teachable moment
to educate your community!
What a few libraries are doing…
Courtesy Toronto Public Library
TPL Pride Alliance
Toronto Public Library at Toronto Pride Parade, June 30, 2013
Courtesy Toronto Public Library
Courtesy Toronto Public Library
Courtesy Toronto Public Library
Homophobia and Misogyny
~ Freedom from homophobic oppression is
acutely linked to emancipation from
misogyny and sexism & the dismantling of
gendered stereotypes and double standards.
~ There is no hierarchy of oppression – if we
fight against one form of injustice, we must
fight against the other.
~ Ignorance based in fear leads to violence
(Grace, 2001).
In Conclusion …
~ Many young people who identify as LGBTQ do not
have support at home, at school, or in faith
~ Access to information and resources is especially
problematic for vulnerable LGBTQ youth living in
rural areas, living in poverty, and in some immigrant
~ Librarians can play a critical role in fostering
diversity and resiliency, in offering safe spaces, in
turning pain and despair into hope and opportunity.
~ Books change lives. Sometimes books save lives.
- Nicola Griffith
Stereotypes aren’t bad
because they are false
or wrong but because
they are incomplete.
What message are we giving to
teenagers, children, families, friends,
and our communities in general, if
we leave the life experiences of
sexual and gender minorities out of
libraries, schools, and other public
The worst part of
LGBTQ censorship