QTL NPQSL Elective Module Day1 Improving the Quality of

Quality Through Leadership
Level 2 Leadership Curriculum
Elective Module Day 1 :
Improving the Quality of Teaching
Shelley Kinteh
NPQSL – Level 2 Module
Leading beyond a team within an organisation.
Educational Excellence
Operational Management
Strategic Leadership
Elective Module
By the end of the elective participants should have explored;
• effective pedagogy – outstanding teaching and learning, including pupil progress
• national and international research and evidence on leading teaching and learning
• lesson observation and strategies for improving performance
• whole-school data analysis
• Ofsted inspection framework
• supporting and challenging others to make improvements
• classroom management to achieve high-quality teaching and positive behaviour
19 Competencies
Strategic Leadership
Educational Excellence
Operational Management
Self awareness and self
Delivering continuous
Efficient and Effective
Personal drive and
Modelling excellence in
Analytical thinking
Resilience and emotional
Learning focus
Relationship management
Conceptual thinking
Partnership and
Holding others to account
Future focus
Impact and Influence
Developing others
Organisational and
community understanding
Break the ice…..
Introduce yourself, discuss……….
‘’I believe our students are our future. Each of our students
has the potential to bring something unique and special to
the world. Teaching is an important and honourable
occupation that demands commitment. There are miracles,
learning, healing, laughter, sharing and love every day in
classrooms all around the world. A teacher has the
opportunity to impact on students’ lives in a positive way;
this is a huge privilege that shouldn’t be taken lightly.’’
Ashley Azzopardi
Protocols: What should the protocols be?
Outstanding teaching…..
‘’For a lesson to be deemed outstanding, there needs to be a
sense of ‘awe and wonder’ with students totally engaged in,
and mesmerised by, their learning.
Often we observe lessons that are good, but not
outstanding. In outstanding lessons there is a buzz and, as
one observer noted, the students seemed to be “under a
spell” and “in a higher zone of learning regardless of their
ability”. OP: Chris Aitkin, Director of Teaching and Learning, Conyers School
Can this be learned as Continuing Professional Development?
Outstanding teaching
What are the qualities, characteristics and competencies of
‘Outstanding’ teaching?
What is your personal philosophy?
Together write a 50 word blog that you would be prepared
to post on the school website to be read by pupils, parents,
staff and the wider world.
Outstanding teaching
You are a new senior leader responsible for the ‘Outstanding
Teaching’ guide. As a group propose an A5 document to stick to
the front of teachers planners beginning;
Teaching is ‘Outstanding’ when teachers…..
Do you agree with the Benjamin Curtis research?
Over break…..
In pairs, discuss how your school has adopted the Teachers’
Standards and what impact you expect them to have on the
quality of teaching.
Theories of teaching…..
Jug and beaker – Flanders 1963
Child centred approach – 1960 and 70s
Monk et al 1999;
• Growing the plant in predetermined conditions
• Sculptor moulding clay in a rehearsal format
• Signpost directing the traveller in learning journey
Where do you camp?
Theories of teaching…..
Social Constructivism – relationship between learner and teacher.
“the teacher provides the scaffold for the building, but the building
itself can only be constructed by the learning”
James, 2007
Brain-based Learning Model - video
Theories of teaching…..
Theory of multiple intelligences - Howard Gardner 1999
Which are you?
Visual-Spatial - think in terms of physical space
Bodily-kinesthetic - use the body effectively
Musical - show sensitivity to rhythm and sound
Interpersonal - understanding, interacting with others
Intrapersonal - understanding one's own interests, goals
Linguistic - using words effectively
Logical -Mathematical - reasoning, calculating
Pedagogy - impact
What are the current approaches to teaching in your school?
Consider the theories behind the existing pedagogy.
What impact do they have on the teaching?
What does the evidence tell you about the impact of that
teaching on the learning of your pupils?
Continual improvement
How do you improve teaching and learning at your school?
What approach is taken to develop and implement;
• school-wide policies,
• models of teaching and
• pupil evaluations?
Making a difference
Hattie – 2009 research into what makes a difference…..
Providing formative evaluation
Classroom behavioural
Comprehensive interventions for learning disabled students
Teacher clarity
Reciprocal teaching
Teacher-student relationships
Spaced vs mass practice
Meta-cognitive strategies
Great pedagogy
Chris Husbands and Jo Pearce. Effective pedagogies;
• give serious consideration to pupil voice
• depend on behaviour (what teachers do),
• depend on knowledge and understanding (what teachers know) and
• depend on beliefs (why teachers act as they do)
• involve clear thinking about longer term learning outcomes as well as short-term goals
• build on pupils’ prior learning and experience
• involve scaffolding pupil learning
• involve a range of techniques, whole-class and structured group work, guided learning and individual activity.
• focus on developing higher order thinking and metacognition, and
• make good use of dialogue and questioning in order to do so
• embed assessment for learning
• are inclusive and take the diverse needs of a range of learners, as well as matters of student equity, into account
Sutton Trust Toolkit
What makes the most difference in the classroom?
What is the impact calculated by months?
Watch the video case study on the ‘Feedback’.
Over lunch:
With a group of 3 people;
Plan a 5 minute summary presentation for middle leaders.
You will outline the research findings, present your foci for
outstanding teaching and persuade middle leaders to adopt
this and plan their strategy for the department
Presentations at 1pm
Key elements of teaching
As a senior leader you will
need to have a very clear
view on what teachers
need to know and be able
to do to ensure the key
elements of high quality
teaching are thought about
and addressed in their
Lesson Planning
Can you plan on a ‘Post – It’?
What is essential?
What is important?
Plan your CPD strategy for staff who do not plan their lessons.
5 ‘Post-It’ notes maximum.
Read the Black and Wiliam document.
Use you mobile device to listen to Sue Hancock.
Section 2 part 1.
Recent work scrutiny concludes that pupils do not receive
verbal or written feedback for improvement only summative
Plan a 5 minute INSET workshop on the importance of
formative assessment structures and strategies in
departments to present to your Leadership team.
Leading Behaviour
Leading effective behaviour management.
What are your ‘behaviour statistics’?
Who collects these and how often by what means?
Is the school proactive about this data collection?
Could your climate for learning be improved?
What steps is the school taking?
Do you have a clear behaviour policy?
How could it be better?
Are all stake holders involved in the improvements to behaviour?
Is there a policy of openness and honesty about the strategy to improve behaviour?
Does the school monitor staff commitment to behaviour policy and strategy?
How do you challenge those who do not buy in to the policy?
Leading Behaviour
How do you lead and maintain effective behaviour management?
Plan for a Full Staff Meeting that responds to the following scenario;
A recent Pupil Voice audit on climate for learning indicates that Pupils are acutely
aware of inconsistencies among teachers in your school in their reactions to
specific behaviour issues including; uniform, bad language, mobile phone use and
detentions set.
How do you ensure that there is complete consistency in your colleagues’
approaches to your behaviour management policy?
Behaviour Game
Oxford Brookes Research Study.
Intersessional tasks
Contribution to the online discussion
Online Module learning: Reading Think Pieces, Opinion
Pieces, Viewing Videos and Websites for further
What went well
Even better if