ESAR_20012_ORIENTATION - Pierce County Search and Rescue

Pierce County Search And Rescue
“So that others may live”
Our Purpose
• Supply trained teams to assist law enforcement
• Provide community service during disasters
• Train people in wilderness survival, search
and rescue techniques and leadership skills
• Develop self-confidence and maturity in youth
who complete and remain active in the program.
Organization of ESAR
•BSA affiliation
•PCESAR is a member of WESAR Washington Explorer Search and
•ESAR members are required to apply
for membership to Pierce County
Department of Emergency
Active Members Activities
Subject Searches
Evidence Searches
Community Events
Fund Raisers
If it Ain’t Raining ... It Ain’t Training
Training Season
Cold – Rainy - Wet
Physically Challenging
So What Are All
These Courses?
Course One
Introduction to Search and Rescue:
•Saturday & Sunday classroom training
Map reading & land navigation
Shelter building & survival
Search tactics
Basic medical knowledge
Equipment do’s and don’ts
Don’t buy equipment until AFTER Course One!
•What to bring
• Lunch & Warm clothing (dress for outside
Course Two
Search and Rescue Field Training
• Friday through Sunday (48 hours)
• Teams of 3 or more with a Team Leader
• Learn & practice search techniques,
wilderness navigation & survival
• Practice chain of command and mock
• Patient assessment
Course Three
Wilderness Navigation
Teams of two trainees NO Team Leader
Applying wilderness and navigation skills
Orienteering course
Teamwork and problem solving
Course Four
Mock Search
•Search techniques
•Practice search patterns
•Develop and execute search skills
•Support roles, teamwork, & leadership
•Tests training received
Equipment & Clothing
Hiking Boots
Sleeping Bags
Do NOT Buy Anything Yet...
…At Course One We Will Go Over The Equipment List in Detail…
• BSA liability insurance
• DEM Membership - RCW 38.52
o Protection from loss of wages
o Loss or damage to equipment
o Medical expense
o Cost of fuel (over 100 miles, over 24
hours or out of county)
Attention High School
RCW 28A.225.055 - Allows for 5 days of
excused absences for Search and Rescue
• 2.0 or above grade point average
• Parents approval
• Principal approval
(Note- Have homework done)
ESAR Chain of Command
Brush Monkey
Team Leader
Field Leader
Operations Leader / Incident Command
Support Activities
Vehicle Maintenance
Radio / Communications
Fund Raisers
ESAR Vehicles
How To Join...
•Go on line at and fill out
contact information.
• Do not fill out the member information, you are
not a member yet
•Complete the FEMA NIMS courses and
provide the completion certificate at Course 1
•Show up for Course One.
• (Parents – please come to fill out paperwork
and stay for the equipment orientation.)
Training Fee Breakdown
Insurance $3.00
Training Fee $10.00
Training Materials (Book & Binder) $15.00
Misc Merchandise (ESAR Patch & Ruler) $9.00
BSA Registration $15.00
TOTAL FEES $52.00
Compass (with mirror accurate to 2 degrees)
Maximum Amount Potentially Due AT Course One
(Cash or Check ONLY!!)
2012-2013 Course Dates
Course One
Nov. 10 & 11
Dec. 1 & 2
Course Two
Jan. 4- 6
Jan. 18 – 20
Course Three
Feb. 1 - 3
Feb. 15 – 17
Mock Search
March 16 & 17
Any Questions?