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Lesson: Women in Missions
August 21, 2011
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What is LINKS?
Five years after the Texas merger that formed the
Church of the Nazarene, the Southern California
District began a box work program. The idea was to
ship boxes of personal supplies to missionary
families. Headed by Mrs. Paul Bresee, this idea was
officially sanctioned on a denominational level in
1921 by the group that would eventually become
Nazarene Missions International.
About 15 years ago, to better personalize our
mission program, box work was expanded into
LINKS. Those letters stand for "Loving,
Interested Nazarenes, Knowing and Sharing."
For two years at a time the general NMI office
assigns missionaries to a district.
One of the big things for LINKS was the
willingness of the churches to be in
contact with us. Kids from the churches
would write us letters, and we always
received packages at Christmas and for
our birthdays. I loved Legos as a kid,
and our LINKS districts always sent me
Legos; I always thought that was the
coolest thing. We never got much for
Christmas or birthdays, so that made it
David W. J. Restrick
really special to me. Missionary Kid
It takes approximately $55,000 per year to
keep missionaries on the mission field. This
includes the missionary’s assignment,
language school, child education, medical plan
and daily living expenses. The World Mission
Department is the major support system for
missionaries in the Church of the Nazarene.
The World Mission Department has developed
various ways to support missionaries serving
on the mission field.
Your Responsibilities:
Contact your church's LINKS missionaries regularly (at
least two or three times a year). Missionaries love to
receive cards and notes; however, don't expect a reply
to every correspondence. Check with your missionary
before sending any e-cards. See note below. The best
person to contact regarding details about your LINKS
missionaries is your district LINKS coordinator. If you
do not know who holds this office, you can look it up
in the district journal under District NMI Council. (Your
church should have a district journal.) If a missionary
notifies you of a change of information, such as a new
address or plans for retirement, please inform the
Global NMI Office.
Keeping LINKS Present in Missionary Care
In trying to simplify the many emphasis of
NMI It seemed logical to group offerings that
directly affect our missionaries under one
umbrella—Missionary Care. So instead of
asking for a Missionary Christmas Fund
Offering, Missionary Health Care Offering,
and money for a church’s LINKS missionary,
NMI gives the option of one offering for the
church—the Missionary Care Offering.
Do you know the answers to these
1. Do you know who the church’s LINKS
missionary is and a bit about his or her
2. Do you pray for LINKS missionaries in
church and at home?
3. Do you ever write your LINKS missionary,
either individually or corporately?
Manswell Family: Our LINKS Missionaries
Born in Trinidad and Tobago
Ordained: 1997 by Canada West
Born in Canada
Jayedon Alexton Kaleb
Jerrick Willliam Aaron
Kavanah Evelaine Ruth
Kenrick Anthony Daniel
General Information
Home District: Canada West
Home Church: Rimbey
Summary of Service Record
2002 to Present – Trinidad
Home Assignment Dates
Jul 21, 2011 to Dec 30, 2011
Caribbean Nazarene
Theological College
PO Box 1245
Trinidad & Tobago
What do missionaries need more than any
thing else?
More than anything, missionaries want to
know that they are not forgotten and that
they are prayed for. Always let them know
how your church is praying for them,
asking for requests and answers to prayer.
To ensure the safety of missionaries, Global
Mission does not include missionary contact
information on Missionary Profiles Online. If you
need contact information for a missionary,
please contact either your district NMI president
or your district LINKS coordinator.
No Online
Gifts: Please do not send money directly to the
missionary. It may never reach them, and money is
sometimes difficult to exchange in some world areas. On
the remittance form that is sent to the Global Treasury
Services Office with the money, always include the name
of the LINKS recipient. Money cannot be credited
properly without the missionary's name. Each time you
send a monetary gift, notify the recipient beforehand:
The reason for the gift (cash assignment, birthday,
Christmas, love offering, etc.)
When the gift will be sent
The amount of the gift.
Notifying the missionary ahead of time allows them to
ensure the gift is received properly.
The children of my church want pen pals.
Can I have addresses and e-mail
addresses for all of our missionary kids
Global Mission asks that we not distribute
lists with street and e-mail addresses for MKs
due to security, expense, and the protection
of our missionaries' time.
What's the best way I can encourage my LINKS
missionary if they are working in a Creative
Access Area (CAA)?
Pray for them daily. Remember that you are
making a difference in missionaries' lives,
even though the results may not be visible. Send
CAA missionaries generic cards (not Christian) and
DO NOT mention words such as missionary,
church, prayer, etc. Thinking of you and Hello cards
translate to the missionary that you are praying for
them. You may not hear back as often from those
serving in sensitive areas so keep in touch also
with your district LINKS coordinator for updates.
Plant the small
seeds of hope
to bring forth the
flowers of
knowledge and life
that yield the fruits
of godliness and
holiness …
Women in Missions
Rev. Jennifer Brown –
Global NMI President
Rev. Jennifer Brown –
Global NMI President
Brief Biography:
Region: Mesoamerica
Country: Jamaica
District: Jamaica West
Family: husband Rev. Lionel Brown and three sons
NMI Experience: Local NMI President 8 years,
District NMI President 14 years, General Council
Regional Rep 4 years
Education: Bachelor of Education and Master of
Education: University of West Indies
Occupation/Ministry: High School Teacher Spanish
and English, Associate Pastor, and ordained elder
Jennifer Brown:
Driven to teach and train
1. Historic election
2. Heart of an educator
3. Not ‘just a teacher’
4. Vision for the future
Please pray for the ministry and
safety of the general superintendents
traveling this month:
Dr. Eugenio Duarte
Dr. David Graves
Dr. Jesse Middendorf
Dr. Jerry Porter
Dr. Stan Toler
Dr. J.K. Warrick
Large streams from little fountains flow,
Tall oaks from little acorns grow.
Deputation: Dean Flemming
Born in United States
Ordained: 1982 by East Ohio
General Information
Home District: North Central Ohio
Home Church: Mount Vernon
Summary of Service Record
1999 to Present – Switzerland
1987 to 1998 – Philippines
Home Assignment Dates
Jul 1, 2011 to Aug 31, 2011
August 29, 2011-Deputation at BFCN