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to Irwin Academic Center’s
Beginners Day Program
Please sign in and take a packet and name tag!
Our Agenda
Welcome & Intros
- Ms. Toyia Matthews, Assistant
An Irwin Overview
- Dionna Bailey, K-2 Facilitator
- Emily Foley, Magnet Coordinator
What to expect, Summer Tips
- Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Daniels & Ms. Norton
- Toyia Matthews, Assistant
Before and After School Programs
- (6:45-8:45 AM and 4:15-6:00 PM)
- Montangi Blount
- Jo Shirley, Principal
Rising kindergarteners go to classrooms.
Parent Meeting continues …
PTA Information
& Nominating Committee
- Leah Zanville, PTA Vice President
Health Services
- Shelly Smith, School Nurse
We’re glad you’re here!
• Principal: Jo Shirley
• Assistant Principal: Toyia Matthews
• Our wonderful Kindergarten Team:
Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Daniels & Ms. Norton
• Secretaries:
Mr. Alexander, Ms. Anthony, Ms. McClinton
• Dean of Students: Frank Zaremba
• Facilitators:
Dionna Bailey (K-2) & Lisa Pagano (3-5)
• Magnet Coordinator: Emily Foley
School Mission Statement
Irwin strives to foster high academic achievement
and the growth of creative and critical thinkers,
lifelong learners, involved citizens,
and 21st century problem solvers by
providing a nurturing, challenging,
and innovative program that engages
gifted and talented students,
their families, and the community.
What Should I Expect?
• School Hours: 8:45 - 4:15
• A warm and inviting family environment
• A well rounded academic program emphasizing
challenge, enrichment and depth of thought that
integrates higher-level critical thinking skills.
• Math begins with the Investigations Series
supplemented with higher level resources.
• Literacy uses the balanced literacy framework .
• Science and social studies are taught weekly.
• Full time music, physical education, art,
technology, media, Spanish, and guidance
counselor who work with all grade levels
What to expect on the first day …
• CMS has staggered kindergarten entry.
• During the first week of school, kindergarten classes are
divided into small groups.
• Students only come one day: Monday, Tuesday or
Wednesday. Parents will receive notification mid-August
regarding your assigned day for staggered entry.
• The small number of children makes it easier for teachers to
assess their abilities, guide them around the building, and
give them individual attention so each child is comfortable.
• Classroom assignments will be finalized Thursday, August 28
• On Friday, August 29, all kindergarteners will be report to
their assigned classroom.
What to expect on the first day…
• A warm and energy-filled school with 600
• A highly qualified and caring staff
• High expectations for character, social
behavior and academics
• A use of technology, innovation and
media to engage students via SMART
boards in each classroom, iPads and
Laptops for checkout
Tips for Summer Instruction
• Use bathroom independently (fasten own clothes)
• Name writing with one capital and the rest lowercase
• Build their confidence by helping them to feel comfortable
expressing their needs
• Practice cutting and holding scissors (thumbs up)
• Build independence with zipping coat, opening food
containers, cleaning up after themselves
• Review transportation for how they are getting home each day
• Learn phone number and parents’ full name
• Practice tying shoe laces
• Practice letter names and letter sounds as well
as basic sight words. Read with your child daily!
• Practice counting and writing numbers to 100
Let’s move!
When called, rising kindergarteners will go with
a kindergarten teacher
to a kindergarten classroom.
Parent Meeting continues …
Students will be walked back to the gym at the
conclusion of the meeting.
PTA Information:
Have input – gain awareness – be informed – make a difference
PTA Board 2013-2014
Donna Tillman
Vice President
Leah Zanville
Alan Hendrix
Beth Himes
Perrin Morris
How can I become more involved?
Plan on being an active parent!
• Join the PTA
• Attend Meet the Teacher Night and Curriculum Night
• Volunteer as a room parent, a tutor, an office or Media
Center helper
• Be a part of SLT (school leadership team)
• Select your area of interest to volunteer
• Participate in school events, activities and fundraisers
• Make yourself aware of current legislation
• Stay in touch through muliple communication outlets
Contact us:
– Website:
– Email:
Parent Expectations
• Being a respectful, constructive member of the Irwin
• Learning about your school and your child
• Being directly and actively involved in your child’s education
• Staying up to date with the school
• Following school protocols
• Providing financial support as you are able
• Selecting Irwin for the right reasons:
Not for test scores but for the best fit for your child.
Is your child …
– Able to work in groups
– Able to work on complex projects
– Generally ahead of peers in some area
Welcome from your
School Nurse
School Health
Role of the School Nurse
• Screen for health problems that may interfere
with learning.
• Consult with school regarding health and
safety issues.
• Help manage children with chronic medical
• Provide referrals to community resources.
• All children attending school in North Carolina must
complete a series of immunizations.
• North Carolina Law requires all Principals to exclude
children from school who have not completed this
series within 30 days of enrollment.
• Immunization record must be brought to school
when child is enrolled.
Need Immunizations/Shots?
• Available at your Dr.’s office or clinic and at
both Health Department Locations.
• Call 704-336-6500 for Health Department
• Bring Immunization Record
• Immunizations are FREE at the Health
Kindergarten Health Assessment
• NC law requires all 1st
time kindergarten
students have a physical
• Must be conducted no
more than12 months
prior to date of school
• Schedule NOW if not
already complete
• No Doctor?? Ask your
School Nurse.
Call your Dr. or Clinic now!
Kindergarten Vision Screening
• NC law requires that every child entering
kindergarten receive a vision screening.
• Your child’s doctor or the office nurse should
screen your child’s vision when he or she goes
for the kindergarten physical exam.
Kindergarten Vision Screening
• Those who fail the
vision screening
should be referred to
an eye care provider
for a comprehensive
eye exam and
glasses if needed.
• The school does NOT provide
medications to students.
• It is best for the student to take
medications at home. This eliminates
class disruption and loss of learning
• If medications are needed at school…
• Must have a signed authorization form
filled out by the doctor and parent. This
includes all over the counter medications
such as Tylenol, cough syrups, and
• Parent to provide medications and refills.
All medications must be in their original
Illness at School
• Schools are not able to care for your sick
• Child will need to go home if sick at
school (vomiting, fever, injuries and
• Provide emergency phone numbers to
• PLEASE update as numbers change.
Chronic Illnesses
• If your child requires medications or
procedures at school, please notify the
school nurse or staff now, so planning
can begin.
• Examples: Diabetes, Asthma, Severe
Allergies, Seizures, or has dietary
Healthy Kids Learn Better
• Begin every day with
• Promote good
sleeping habits.
• Provide an
opportunity for play
and exercise.
Have a healthy and safe
school year.
Irwin’s Magnet Paths & Entry Points*
K-2: Irwin Learning Immersion*
(pending available seats)
Other CMS 3-5
All CMS 2nd graders are screened for TD
(pending available seats)
3-5: Learning
3-5: Talent
Irwin students who do not TD
certify continue at Irwin in the LI
program, which uses the same
resources and strategies as the
3-5 TD program.
Irwin students who are TD
certified move to the TD track for
grades 3-5. Additional spaces are
added for other CMS TD-certified
students who wish to enter Irwin.
What is Giftedness?
Gifted individuals
are those who
demonstrate …
• Outstanding levels of
aptitude or competence
• An exceptional ability to
reason and learn
• Documented performance
or achievement in one or
more domains.
(e.g., mathematics, music, language)
• Top 10% or rarer
~ National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)
Common Characteristics
of Gifted Children
• The ability to learn
• Advanced ability in a
specific field
• Highly creative
• Long/short attention
• Verbal proficiency or
What does this mean
for our newest owls …
• Today we’ll get a
• Family’s Role
– Commitment to
active involvement
in child’s work and
school life
– We are in this
Sample: Math
Sample: Literacy
Sample: Writing
Support at Irwin
• Intervention and extension programs through
small group classroom differentiation
• Lessons geared toward nurturing the Learning
Immersion & Talent Development focus
• Clubs, Teams & Enrichment Clusters
• Tutors, Interventionist, Lead TD teacher
• Professional Development & Resources
How do we communicate?
• Agendas/notes
• Staff web pages
• Progress reports &
report cards
• Conferences
• Class newsletters
• Irwin Inquirer
School website
Phone calls &
Can my child be left at the bus stop without an
adult present to meet them?
• Unless the child is 4 years old and in a pre-k
program, they will be dropped off at their
assigned stop with or without an adult being
present. Please allow 5-10 minutes on each
side of the scheduled bus pick up and drop off
times, especially at the beginning of the year.
Changing stops / Requesting a new one
• CMS website has a
transportation link which contains a request
• This could take days – two weeks to be approved
• Contact the school to verify approval
Please talk to your child about
proper behavior in school
and on the bus.
Daycare Service & Transportation
• If you registered your child at a daycare service that CMS provides
transportation, request that stop in Alternate Stop. This does not
apply to daycare vans. Sooner this is completed the better!!
Bus stops
• Your child is assigned a stop based on your home address. These
stops are consolidated stops and will not be at your home address.
• Written note must be sent to the child’s teacher explaining the
change in transportation. Please try to do this in advance!
Before and After
School Programs
• Hours
6:45-8:45 AM and
4:15-6:00 PM
• Director
Montangi Blount
Play Spanish &
Play Languages
• Day / Hours
8:00 – 9:00 a.m.
• Learn more
or Sign up @
You’re Invited …
Join us for learning, fun and fellowship!
• Multicultural Night
Thursday, June 5 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM
• PTA Staff & Family Cook Out
May 8, 2014 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Irwin Academic Center
is a great place to start
your child’s
educational journey!
We look forward to
starting this journey
with your family.
What questions can we answer for you?
Thank you for joining us!