EDUN+320+William+Glasser 3

Dr. Glasser is an
psychiatrist who is
best known as the
author of Reality
Therapy, a method
of psychotherapy he
created in 1965 and
that is now taught all
over the world.
Reality Therapy teaches that we need not be
victims of our past or our present unless we
choose to be.
-Dr. William Glasser
 Born in 1925 and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.
 Started out in his career as a Chemical Engineer but
then realized his true interest was psychiatric .
 Attended medical school at Case Western Reserve
 Took his psychiatric training at the Veterans
Administration Hospital in West Los Angeles and
UCLA ( 1954-57)
 Certified in 1961
Choice Theory which revolves around satisfying five basic
psychological needs.
Reality Theory is a method of educational counseling and
human interaction that doesn’t infringe on the rights of other
and allows individuals to implement personal choice.
 Revolves around satisfying five basic psychological
 Belonging and love
 Power and competence
 Freedom
 Fun
 Physical and Survival
 Glasser believes that when choices are understood,
responsibility is developed.
 This theory is a set of techniques for managing
classroom behaviors.
 Reality Theory is based off of four questions to lead
the students to understanding their actions and taking
responsibility for their behavior.
 What do you want?
 What are you doing?
 Is it helping you?(explanation)
 What is your plan now?
 Easy to implement
 Not all teachers feel
 Very straight forward
comfortable in this role.
 Teachers feel this model
allows the student “to get
away with it” bad
 It also takes time away
from standardized class
 Individual – guidance
approaches tend to be
the most effective.
 In reality you gain power
by giving it up. A good
leader gains respect not
 Glasser has written over twenty books about choice
and reality theory.
 In 1967, he founded The Institute for Reality Therapy.
Since that time, over 75,000 people worldwide have
taken Intensive Training to gain knowledge on how to
apply his ideas in their professional life. They have
discovered that by using choice theory, their personal
relationships have improved as well.
Will these theories actually work in the classroom?
•Absolutely I strongly believe that if we start the students at a
young age to take responsibility of their behaviors that it will
reduce the problems we have with in our classroom.
•It allows the teacher to step away from the role as the bad guy
and put the role of the bad guy on the student and his/her
•It will give the students a chance to ref lect on themselves and
see what they can do to solve their own problems so the teacher
can stick to teaching and not problem solving.
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By: Angela Orth