Winter Sports Meeting - North Allegheny School District

Ingomar Middle School – Winter Sports Meeting
Introduction of Winter Sports
Winter Sports Requirements
 On-line registration
 Physical
 Concussion Testing
 Participation Fees
Meet your coaches
(2 teams)
 In-Line Hockey
Please visit the Athletic Pre-Participation
Requirements page.
1) The on-line registration must be completed (the link is listed
above). You are only able to check one sport per season! If the student is
planning to try out for basketball, doesn’t make the team, and wants to
do indoor track, that is perfectly fine! The coaches will only get an
alphabetical list of the approved athletes for tryouts!! Choosing one
sport on the website does not mean that the student must
play only that sport. If a student tries out for a winter sport, but doesn’t
make the team and doesn’t want to play another winter sport, your
Participation Fee will be refunded in the manner to which it was paid to
us. For example, if you are paying via credit card or PayPal account, that
money will be refunded to that account or card. If you are paying via
check, that check will be returned.
2) The physicians’s form (Section 6) must be filled out
and turned into the Athletic Office by Friday, November
7th. The date next to the doctor’s signature cannot be any
earlier than June 1, 2014. If they had a physical done in
March 2014, that’s fine, but the date next to the doctor’s
signature must be after June 1, 2014. Please so not have
the doctor put the actual date of the physical on the form
if it was earlier than June 1, 2014. We are asking for an
“Authorized” date of the physical, not the actual physical
date. If you already turned in a physical form to the
Athletic Office, there is no need to turn in another copy.
Once the registration and participation fees are complete
for winter, we will add the athletes name to the physical
list that the coaches receive.
3) Concussion Testing – All testing takes place in the
Computer Lab at NASH (rooms #240 – #246). The dates for the
winter concussion testing are:
No registration is necessary and the test takes about a half an
hour. ALL students entering 7th, 9th, or 11th grade next year
MUST have a new test on file regardless of when they took it
last or they will not be able to tryout in August. Any students
entering 8th, 10th, or 12th grade do not need to take the
baseline test as long as they took it sometime during their 7th,
9th, or 11th grade year. The Athletic Department does not have
access to this database, so they are not able to confirm when
your child had his/her last baseline test. Only our trainers have
access to that information. You can reach our trainers
at [email protected] or [email protected]
Wrestling (7th – 12th Grade) – Wednesday, 10/29
& Wednesday, 11/5 at 4:00 pm
Boys Basketball (7th – 12th Grade) – Thursday,
10/30 & Thursday, 11/6 at 4:50 pm
MS Girls Volleyball (7-9), Gymnastics (9-12), InLine Hockey (9-12), Friday, 10/31 & Friday, 11/7 at
4:00 pm
Make-Up Date (for all sports) – Tuesday, 11/11 at
4:00 pm
Make-Up Date (for all sports) – Thursday, 11/13
at 4:00 pm
4) Participation Fees are now required prior to the
start of tryouts for all Interscholastic and Club
Sports! The easiest and fastest way to pay this fee is
on-line via the site by choosing the “Pay
On-Line” tab at the end of the registration process
with either a PayPal account or a credit card. This
payment process can be completed in the comfort of
your home. This new payment process does not apply
to any intramural sport, band, forensics, orchestra,
etc. The on-line opportunity only applies to
Interscholastic and Club Sports at North Allegheny.
Thank you.