(Gina LaVerghetta) at the young age of 16

Gina LaVerghetta
It all started when “Steph” (AKA MY MOTHER) gave
birth to me (Gina LaVerghetta) at the young age of 16
Hey Ma! Can I
have a napkin??
I’ve been in the kitchen since day one… and
my love of Italian food was almost an inherited
I Grew up with a large
family..3siblings…. (And Yes, I am the
oldest and best child of the bunch!)
Me and my littlest brother have the closest relationship….He
is the coolest 5 year old and probably one of my best friends.
We go many places and look for adventures together .
Of all of the things in the world….my family is the
most important. No matter what!
I loooovvee to bake/cake decorate
I pretty much am obsessed with
Gossip Girl and the Barefoot Contessa
I’ve Been Some pretty neat places…
Paris 09’
Athens, Mykonos ,
Delphi and Ephesus,
I have met some pretty neat people…
After my travels I went to school to become a lawyer
and somehow found my calling to teach…AND LOVED
But of all these things, I like these
traits about myself the most………
I am easily and frequently awed by
I’m always looking at the small
Because I feel they are the best
things in life
I always believe there are bigger and
better things ahead…
And that’s me!