Dr. Neeraj Mistry

NTD Control
Measures and
Next Steps
D r. N e e ra j M i s t r y
Managing Director
G l o b a l N e t w o r k f o r N e g l e c t e d Tr o p i c a l D i s e a s e s
January 20, 2015
Methods of NTD Control and
Elimination Integration
Integrating efforts to
improve water, sanitation
and hygiene (WASH) with
deworming in endemic
communities can treat
and prevent NTD
Treating NTDs decreases
school absenteeism and
improves learning, and
schools and teachers can
serve as efficient NTD
delivery platforms.
supplementation and
deworming should be
bundled together when
appropriate to prevent
malnutrition and ensure
healthy physical and
cognitive development.
Treating NTDs can
positively impact
maternal, newborn and
child health (MNCH)
programs by reducing
anemia and strengthening
immune systems.
Historic Commitments & Progress
WHO NTD Roadmap
London Declaration on NTDs
2013 Uniting to Combat
NTDs Report
2014 Uniting to
Combat NTDs
Uniting to Combat NTDs
London Declaration
signed by U.S. and 19
other partners on
January 30, 2012.
Commitment made to
support WHO’s goals to
eradicate, eliminate and
control 10 NTDs by 2020.
London Declaration
partners came together
to form a successful
partnership known as
Uniting to Combat NTDs.
U.S. and UK led the way
with NTD Programs.
The partnership supports
endemic-country led
national NTD plans:
• $240 million in funding
announced in 2014.
• Pharma companies
donated 1.35 billion
NTD treatments in 2013.
The Global NTD Funding Gap
$220 million annual funding gap still exists
U.S. plays key role in filling funding gap
NTDs and Global Health Diplomacy
WHA: Landmark May 2013 resolution
by World Health Assembly (WHA)
recognized the value of treating
multiple NTDs
G7: Leaders have outlined neglected and
poverty related diseases as one of the key
focus areas for the upcoming
G7 Summit in Germany.
Post-2015: NTD targets included in
UN Open Working Group’s outcome
document, which was accepted at
UNGA as the basis
document for Member
State negotiations on the
post-2015 development agenda.
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