Volunteer Training PowerPoint - Shelby County Public Schools

By signing on as a volunteer, you become a
member of our team of professionals that
proudly provides educational services
to more than 5,400 students in
Shelby County Public Schools.
We ask that all volunteers complete the volunteer application
in full each year.
A periodic criminal background check shall be conducted on
each person submitting a volunteer application.
If you have not completed and returned the SCPS Volunteer
Application form, you have not been approved and will not be
allowed to volunteer at any SCPS.
All Volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer
Confidentiality and Orientation Training, after which they may
begin their volunteer service.
Sign in at the front office of the school when you
volunteer during the school day.
Wear a visible “volunteer” or “visitor” sticker/badge
when in the school building.
Keep track of the hours you volunteer during non-school
time and report those hours to the sponsoring organization
(i.e. booster club, coach)
In the fall of 2012, the Administrative Office of Courts in
Frankfort announced it would no longer be able to conduct the
complimentary background checks on potential volunteers.
They AOC now charges each school district a $10.00 fee for
every background check.
Shelby County Public Schools will NOT charge volunteers to
conduct their background checks. However, we offer
volunteers the opportunity to donate $10.00 to help offset the
cost to the district.
If you choose to make a donation, please make your check
payable to Shelby County Public Schools.
Volunteer with a group of students in the classroom
Volunteer during special events (dances, parties, etc)
Attend Field Trips
Volunteer at a school office, copy room, cafeteria, library, etc…
Volunteer at evening functions in which the individual parents of
students are not involved.
Volunteers always work under the direct
supervision of the professional staff at each school.
Volunteers serve only for teachers and staff who
have requested the services of the volunteer.
Shelby County Public Schools is responsible for the
education, safety and well-being of each student.
For this reason, please understand that a staff
member may request the reassignment of a
volunteer whose actions are not in the best interest
of the school or students.
Upon entering the school for volunteer work,
each volunteer must sign in at the main office
or a designated volunteer sign-in area.
For security reasons, ALL volunteers must
wear the appropriate volunteer name badge
for proper identification.
Name badges will available at the sign-in
area or main office.
Protection of All
Personally Identifiable
Data, Information, and
Records Collected,
Used or Maintained by
an Agency
Requirements also
Apply to Discussions
about a Student and the
Student’s Records
Name of Child, Parent, or Other Family Member
Address of Child
A Personal Identification Number (SSN or Student
Personal Characteristics or Other Information to
Identify Child (bus number, hair color, etc.)
Teachers and volunteers are bound by a code
of ethics to keep confidential matters within
the school. Please do not discuss information
about a student with anyone other than
his/her teacher, principal, or school staff that
have a vested interest with the student.
During your volunteer time at any school or
school function, you may see or hear
information about a teacher, student, or
student family.
When you signed your volunteer application
form, you agreed to keep any student, family,
and teacher information completely
Harassment and discrimination is
prohibited at all times on school
property and off school grounds during
school-sponsored activities.
This prohibition also applies to visitors
to the school who may come into
contact with employees and students.
Dress appropriately for the school setting .
Understand that each school setting is unique.
Become familiar with school procedures.
Review the school’s crisis procedure guide so you will know what to do
in an emergency event such as a fire, tornado, earthquake, lock down,
Be dependable and on time. Call the school if you have to cancel.
Follow directions to the best of your ability and ASK QUESTIONS if you
are unsure.
Students should be supervised at all times!!!!
Never ask a student to do personal errands for you.
If a student is injured while doing a task you were
assigned, you may be found liable for those
If a student discloses an issue to you in the course
of your volunteering that might imply any type of
abuse or neglect, it is your duty and responsibility
to report this to the teacher, school counselor or
principal. DO NOT give advice or ask questions of
the student.
Hold high expectations for students.
Respect all students regardless of their differences.
Maintain eye contact and listen when students talk.
Kneel or stoop to their eye level as you talk
with students (esp. primary students).
Never assume that problems have been reported
by someone else! e.g. If you see water on the
floor, report it to a custodian or the office
As a volunteer you are expected to act as a
reasonably prudent person would in the same
Please Note:
Assisting with physical education or
athletic teams requires special
training. Please contact your
principal or athletic director for
more information in this area.
While shopping at Wal-Mart, an
adult in the community says, “My
child will be in third grade next year
and I’ve heard Mrs. Smith is a bad
teacher. You volunteer in her room,
give me the dirt."
No information may be released to
the community member concerning
this teacher. As a volunteer, an
appropriate response would be, “I am
not able to disclose information about
faculty and staff in our school.
However, if you have a concern you
may want to discuss it with the school
You are a regular volunteer in the office
and a parent says to you, “I came to pick
up my child at school today and there
was a police car outside. What
No information may be released to the
parent concerning this situation. As a
volunteer, an appropriate response would
be, “I am not able to disclose information
about any student related issues.”
A parent confides in you that a 5th
grade boy in Mr. Atkins’ class is
picking on her son. She asks, “Do you
know this kid?” The volunteer says,
“Yes, I know this boy and you do too.
He has red hair and glasses.”
Has the volunteer broken
Yes! The volunteer gave personally
identifiable information concerning this
student. This is a breach of confidentiality.
An appropriate response could be, "Due to
confidentiality laws, parent volunteers are not
permitted to discuss individual students."
You have just completed the volunteer
training required for the SCPS
Remember you are held accountable for
maintaining the confidentiality of student
information both at work, at home, and in
your community.
For questions or concerns please
call Kim Powell 647-4505.
You may also send an e-mail to