"United Nations 101" Downloadable Presentation

Grassroots support for the UN in the world today through the
United Nations Association of USA
The United Nations
Founded in 1945
The world’s largest international organization,
comprised of 193 countries
UN was founded in the aftermath of WWII and the Holocaust to:
Provide an open forum for diplomacy and peaceful debate
Promote international cooperation to avoid another world
Define and uphold the rights inherent to all humans
Solve international economic and social problems
UN Structure
Security Council authorizes use of force
Elected committee of 10 countries and 5 permanent, veto-wielding
members: United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China
General Assembly makes recommendations, admits or
suspends members, and determines the UN’s budget
Economic and Social Council helps to solve international
economic, educational, and social problems
International Court of Justice resolves legal disputes between
International Criminal Court prosecutes war crimes and
crimes against humanity
Specialized Agencies, such as the World Bank, UNDP,
UNESCO, Food and Agriculture Organization, UNICEF and the
International Atomic Energy Agency focus on specific areas
How the UN Helps
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How the UN Helps the World
Provides food to 90 MILLION people in 73 countries
Vaccinates 58% of the world’s children, saving 2.5 MILLION
lives a year
Assists over 36 MILLION refugees and people fleeing war,
famine, or persecution
Combats climate change and heads a campaign to end
leaded fuel use in over 100 countries
Advances democracy, assisting 30 countries/year with
How the UN Helps the World
Maintains peace with 120,000 peacekeepers in 16
operations on 4 continents
Promotes maternal health, saving the lives of over 30
MILLION women a year
Protects/promotes human rights on site and through 80
Mobilizes $12.4 billion in humanitarian aid to help people
affected by emergencies
Fights poverty, helping 370 million rural poor in the last 30
The UN’s Impact
Resolved conflicts in El Salvador, Guatemala, Namibia,
Cambodia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, and Burundi
Prevents the spread of nuclear weapons, through the Nuclear
Non-Proliferation Treaty
Eradicated smallpox and is on the verge of wiping out polio
Organized the Montreal Protocol, which banned the use of
ozone-destroying CFC’s.
The UN’s Impact
Doubled female literacy around the world since 1970
Helped end apartheid in South Africa
Established international standards for working conditions
Fights for the rights of indigenous peoples around the world
Aided more than 50 million refugees since 1951
United Nations Foundation
Platform that connects citizens with the UN
Started by Ted Turner in 1998 with $1 billion grant
UNA-USA part of UNF since 2010
Supports the UN’s development and sustainability activities
with various programs
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 UNA-USA is a membership organization dedicated to
inform, inspire, and mobilize the American people to
support the ideals and vital work of the United Nations
 Started in 1948 by Eleanor Roosevelt, who wanted to
establish a way for all US citizens to engage with the UN
 120 chapters and divisions across the country
Advocacy Agenda
UNA-USA educates Americans and policymakers around four
core elements of the US-UN relationship
UN Funding
• Payment of our nation's UN regular budget and peacekeeping dues on
time, in full, and without conditions
• Removal of Congressionally imposed arbitrary peacekeeping cap
• Reversal of the U.S. policy of paying dues one year late
Human Rights
• Increase awareness about the work being performed by UN specialized
agencies around the world
• Heightened support for fully funding their crucial mandates including the
Advocacy Agenda
International Treaties
• Senate passage of key international agreements signed but not yet
ratified, including the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, the
Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, and the
Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
Millennium Development Goals
• Support 8 MDGs to significantly reduce extreme poverty and disease,
ensure environmental sustainability, and enhance international
coordination around development by 2015
Young Professionals
Network of 21-40 year old members that supports the work of
the UN Foundation and UNA-USA
Regional groups promote educational programs and are
organized by the National Leadership Council
Opportunities for volunteerism, personal and professional
development, and political engagement
Student Involvement
Model UN helps students learn about how the UN
works by participation in mock UN competitions
Global Classrooms is a program designed to help
develop underserved students’ critical reading,
writing, and communication skills through Model
GenUN, new national student initiative promoting
UN and Model UN activities on campus, along with
the Youth Observer program at the UN General
Student Involvement
Engages young people in the work of the United Nations by
empowering them to inform, inspire, and mobilize peers to
support the vital work of the UN
Middle school, high school, college students promote
constructive United States leadership at the UN
Nationwide movement for the United Nations.
Campus Advocates shape the future by educating themselves
and others on UN issues, advocate on behalf of the UN, and
spread the word about the important work the UN does
Student Involvement
Learn more about the UN and its work around the world
Teach others about the importance of the UN and the
opportunities Americans have for leadership
Encourage strong U.S. leadership at the UN by advocating on
its behalf
Student Involvement
Spread the Word
Plan a UN Day event
Spread awareness about the work of the UN
Work with the local chapters
Partner with other organizations and United Nations
Foundation campaigns and initiatives to make an impact
Find out more about the many issues facing the United
Council of Organizations
Organized by UNA-USA
Comprised of local groups and NGOs
interested in education, social justice, energy
and climate change, labor, and human rights
Promotes UNA-USA’s mission and educates
stakeholders about the UN
UNA Women
Supports the UN’s efforts to improve women’s rights
around the world
Open to all UNA-USA members
Hosts workshops, training
sessions, and conferences
Seeks to empower women
in the United States as well
as abroad through UN initiatives
United Nations Association
local chapters
Regularly holds events in their area
Creates awareness of the UN in local communities
Advocates for the UN to elected local representatives
Serves as a resource for UN information
Open to members of all ages
Member Benefits
Be a driving force in supporting the United Nations!
 Regional Conference and Members' Day at UN Headquarters
in New York - FREE for members
 UNA-USA National Convention in Washington, DC, including
“A Day on Capitol Hill”
 Local events on key UN issues
Stay Informed:
 Online access to The World Bulletin, a monthly newsletter
covering chapter events nationwide
Member Benefits
 “The Interdependent” online magazine, featuring news on the
inner workings of the UN and world affairs
 Members-only access to insider information at UNA-USA’s
member website
 Member-exclusive monthly national conference calls with key
speakers on current issues
 Meet with your local elected senators and US house
representatives to advocate for the UN
Member Benefits
Programs and Groups:
Join UNA-USA’s affinity groups: UNA Women, Young
Professionals (ages 21-40), and GEN UN (college students)
Model UN programs at schools around the state
Actively support the UN Foundation’s programs like Girl Up,
Shot at Life, and Nothing But Nets
Engagement and Involvement:
Meet and network with others interested in international
Participate in chapter committees – help run the organization
How To Join
Become a member of UNA, with opportunities to volunteer,
network, and support the United Nations
Go to: www.unausa.org/join
New member introductory membership - $25 for the first year
Students and fixed income - $10/year
Regular Membership - $40/year