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St. Anne’s Catholic High School for Girls
House System
• Every member of our school community belongs to a House.
• We have decided that our Houses should have important female
patron and also represent the six continents.
• Theses are St Angela, St Faustina, St Josephine Bakhita, St Laura,
St Marianne Cope & St Teresa Benedicta.
• They are not celebrities or religious do-gooders.
• These are important Catholic Women who the Church has declared
to be Saints and therefore worthy of our love and respect and they
in turn will show us their love and their help.
• Our 6 Patrons are not Eurocentric, rather they provide cultural
diversity and reflect the universality of the Catholic Church.
• Catholic Global & cultural diversity is a theme that we want the
House System to develop over the next few years e.g. through food,
fashion, culture, music, competitions, festivals etc.
St. Anne’s Catholic High School for Girls
House System
• Girls wear coloured badges on the lapel of their blazers and
staff have coloured ID lanyards.
• All achievements, events, competitions, Sports Day etc. are also
inter-house competitions.
• Vivos is the system we use to create personal Merits and House
• There is a weekly update of House Points for Staff & students
on the TV monitors and the school website.
• We will develop the community & character of each House
through charity events & inter-house competitions.
• We look forward to everyone being involved and always
welcome new ideas.
Feast Day 27th January
Born in 1474 in Italy. She
and her older sister, were left
orphans when she was 15.
Angela was very distressed
when her sister suddenly died
It is said that in a vision she
received a response that her
sister was in heaven in the
company of the saints. Angela
believed that a better Christian
education was needed for
young girls.
On 25 November 1535, St
Angela Merici started the
foundation of the “Company
of St Ursula.” She wanted the
sisters to be consecrated to God
and dedicated to the service of
their neighbour, but remain in
the world and live a celibate life
in their own homes. When she
died on January 27, 1540, there
were some 24 branches of the
Company of St. Ursula serving
the Church.
Pioneer of Female Education in Europe.
St Faustina
Saint Faustina was born on 25
August 1905 Throughout her life,
she reported having visions of Jesus
and conversations with him which
led to the Divine Mercy Devotion.
She approached several convents but
was turned down time after time, in
one case she was told "we do not
accept maids here", referring to her
being penniless. Eventually the
mother superior at the convent of the
Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy
decided to give her a chance. At age
20 Faustina knew nothing about the
convent she was joining, except that
she believed she was led there. She
was to be a nun for just over a
decade, dying at the age of 33 on 5
October 1938.
Feast Day 5th October
She wrote that on the night of Sunday,
22 February 1931, Jesus appeared to
her as the "King of Divine Mercy"
wearing a white garment with red and
pale rays emanating from his heart. In
her diary she wrote that Jesus told her:
Paint an image according to the
pattern you see, with the signature:
"Jesus, I trust in You". I desire that
this image be venerated, first in your
chapel, and then throughout the world.
I promise that the soul that will
venerate this image will not perish.
Polish Saint, who had a great devotion to the Sacred Heart &
whose congregation work with vulnerable young women
Josephine Margaret Bakhita, was a
Sudanese-born former slave who became a
nun in Italy, living and working there for
45 years. She was kidnapped by Arab
slave traders who had already kidnapped
her elder sister two years earlier. Over the
course of twelve years she was resold
again three more times and then given
away. It is said that the trauma of her
abduction caused her to forget her own
name; she took one given to her by the
slavers, bakhita, Arabic for lucky. She says
that the most terrifying of all her
memories there, was when she (in common
with other slaves) she was ‘tattooed’ when
114 intricate patterns were cut into her
breasts, belly, and into her right arm. The
wounds were filled with salt to ensure
permanent scarring. She was later bought
by an Italian family and arrived in Italy
in 1885. She was baptized, confirmed and
received her first Holy Communion from
the future Pope St Pius X.
Feast Day 8th February
In 1893 she entered the Canossian Sisters
throughout her entire life - "her mind was
always on God, and her heart in Africa”
During her 42 years as a nun she was in
frequent contact with the local community.
Her gentleness, calming voice, and everpresent smile became she was known as Sor
Moretta ("little brown sister") or Madre
Moretta ("black mother"). Her last years
were marked by pain and sickness. A
young student once asked Bakhita: "What
would you do, if you were to meet your
captors?" Without hesitation she
responded: "If I were to meet those who
kidnapped me, and even those who tortured
me, I would kneel and kiss their hands.
For, if these things had not happened, I
would not have been a Christian and a
religious today"
Modern Saint and former Slave
St Catherine of Sienna)ST
Laura of Saint Catherine of Siena
(May 26, 1874 – October 21, 1949)
was a Colombian nun. In 1914
she founded the Congregation of the
Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate
and St. Catherine of Siena. During the
Colombian Civil War her father was
killed, and the family was left in poverty.
So, Laura was sent to live with her
grandmother. When Laura was 16, to help
her family in its financial difficulties and
she applied to receive training to become an
elementary school teacher. Beginning in
1908, she worked as missionary to the
natives in the Uraba and Sarare regions
where she founded the Works of the Indians.
Even though she wanted to become a
cloistered Carmelite nun, she felt
growing within her the desire to spread the
Gospel to those who had never met Jesus
South America
Feast Day 21st October
Laura wanted to destroy this racial
discrimination and to personally sacrifice
herself in order to bring them Christ's love
and teaching. On 14 May 1914, she started
the Congregation of Missionary Sisters of
Immaculate Mary and of Saint Catherine of
Siena. With four other young women and
went to live among the native Indians. Even
though this new Congregation had the
support of the local Bishop of Santa Fe de
Antioquia, it was severely criticized even
within the Christian community itself. The
last nine years of her life were lived in a
wheelchair. She died after a prolonged
illness on October 21, 1949 in, Colombia
Today her Missionary Sisters work in 19
countries throughout America, Africa and
Europe. She was known for her work with
indigenous peoples and as a strong role
model for South American girls. Laura was
canonized by Pope Francis on 12 May
2013. Her Feast Day is October 21st.
St Marianne Cope
Marianne Cope, January 23, 1838 –
August 9, 1918) was a German-born
American. She is known for her charitable
works and virtuous deeds, she spent many
years caring for lepers in Hawaii. By
eighth grade, her father had become an
invalid and, as the oldest child, she worked
in a textile factory to help support her
family. She became a nun in New York
and a teacher then a principal in newly
established schools for German speaking
immigrants. She also helped found the first
two Catholic hospitals in Central New
York stipulating that medical care was to
be provided to all, regardless of race or
creed. In 1883, she received a plea for help
in caring for leprosy from King Kalalaua
of Hawaii. Shen then set out with six
other Sisters Two years after the arrival
of the Sisters, the king himself bestowed on
Mother Marianne the Cross of a
Companion for her acts of benevolence to
his suffering people.
Feast Day 23rd Janaury
In 1887 she convinced the government that
it was of vital need to save the homeless
female children of leprosy patients. Although
this step meant that she would likely never be
able to return to New York and see her
family and friends again, she accepted the
call. “We will cheerfully accept the work…”
was her response. In November 1888 she
cared for the famous Fr Damien. After his
diagnosis as a leper; he was shunned by both
civil and church leaders. It was only Mother
Marianne who gave him welcome, even
arranging for the king to meet him. When
Father Damien died on April 15, the
government officially gave Cope charge for
the care of the boys as well as her original
commission for the female residents of the
colony. She died on August 9 and was
canonized on October 21, 2012. She is the
11th American citizen to be made a saint
and is the patron of lepers, outcasts and those
with HIV/AIDS. Her Feast Day is
January 23rd.
American Saint who worked with the Lepers in Hawaii.
Edith Stein, 12 October
1891 – 9 August 1942,
was a German Jewish philosopher
who converted to Catholicism &
became a Carmelite nun. She is a
martyr and saint. She was born into an
observant Jewish family, but was an
atheist her teenage years. Moved by the
tragedies of World War in 1915 she
took lessons to become a nursing
assistant and worked in a hospital for
the prevention of disease outbreaks.
After completing her doctoral thesis in
1918 and obtained a teaching position
at the University of Freiburg. From
reading the works of the St Teresa
reformer of the Carmelites she was
drawn to the Catholic Faith and was
baptized in 1922 At that point she
wanted to become a Carmelite nun, but
was dissuaded by her spiritual mentors.
She then taught at a Catholic school in
Feast Day 9th August
As a result of the Nazi persecution she
had to quit her teaching position. 1933
she entered the Carmelite monastery in
Cologne, taking the name Teresa
Benedicta of the Cross "Teresa blessed by
the Cross". In 1938 she and her sister
Rosa, by then also a convert and an
extern sister of the monastery, were sent
to the Carmelite monastery in Echt in
the Netherlands for their safety. Despite
the Nazi invasion of that state in 1940,
they remained undisturbed until they
were arrested by the Nazis on 2 August
1942 and sent to the Auschwitz
concentration where they were murdered
in the gas chamber on 9 August 1942.
She was canonized in 1998. She is one
of the six patron saints of Europe,
together with St. Benedict, Sts Cyril &
Methodius, St Bridget of Sweden & St
Catherine of Siena. Her feast day is 9th
August .
Philosopher, Convert, Carmelite & Martyr
(of St Catherine of
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Prayer to the Saints of our Houses
Dear God you constantly raise up new saints to
glorify your name and to show us your kingdom of
love. May Saints Angela, Faustina, Josephine,
Laura, Marianne and Teresa Bendicta, look down
on all of us here today. May they continue to
inspire us, pray for us and help us in this life and
welcome us all into to your kingdom where you live
and reign for ever and ever.