Luring, Threats and Sexting (PowerPoint)

Protect Your Online Rep
The Reality of
Making Threats
Online Reality
Teens send and receive an
average of 3,853 texts per month.
Experian Marketing Services 2013
You Can Be Anyone Online
Predators Do This as well
Total Number of ‘Bogus” Facebook
83 Million
Facebook Quarterly Report - September 2013
Online Social Sites
images are
uploaded to
Facebook daily.
Facebook Quarterly Report September 2013
Are you more careful about
your real world safety than
in the online world?
Who Are Your Friends?
Who Are
You Really
Gagnon attacked the 14 year old he met online. This is his mug shot.
Predators Hunt Where Teens Go
Sexually assaulted a 14 year old boy he met through XBOX Live
Justin Bieber impersonator accused
of sexually abusing girls
Globe and Mail 2012
Two Girls plead Guilty in Ottawa Teen
Prostitution Case
Seven girls between 13 and 17 lured
through Facebook.
The victims were invited online to a
physical location with promises of a
sleepover or party.
Labrador Man Facing Child Porn
May 11 2012
21-years old
 luring
 distribution of child
 possession of child porn
 breach of an undertaking.
Paradise Man charged with trying to lure
young girls
May 24, 2012
Charges relate to children under the age of
Undercover RNC officers posed as children
RCMP Officer Charged With Luring
February 2013
Luring a child under the age of 16 over the internet.
St. John's man arrested on child porn
March 2013
The RNC was tipped off by the FBI which intercepted images sent
through Yahoo Messenger.
A teacher in central Newfoundland is
facing charges of sexual luring
April 2013
Who’s Uploading Your
Private Photos?
Anyone can access your photos and follow you
unless you change your security setting
Consider Privacy Settings
Facebook Says
600,000 Accounts
Compromised Per Day
Facebook Quarterly Report - September 2013
Your password should be a
combination of upper-case letters
and numbers.
Don’t use your dog or cat’s name!!
Don’t Use These Passwords
Secure your password like your bank
PIN Number
Do You Share Your Bank Pin Number With Friends?
Threatening a person is illegal.
 Direct Threat
 Conditional Threat
 Indirect Threat
All Threats are Illegal
After the age of 12, some
behaviours, that were considered
bullying, may now be considered
harassment or assault.
Facebook Threats Lead to
Court Order
July 2011
“A 14-year-old in
Newfoundland has
had a peace bond
issued against another
teen following
Facebook threats that
left the teen fearing
Facebook messages lead to charges
against teen
Mar 11, 2013
Central Newfoundland
15 year old arrested.
Teen arrested for alleged threat
against school
The RNC has arrested and charged a teenager with mischief in
relation to a threat made against a St. John’s school Thursday
October 3, 2013.
This is Self/Peer Exploitation
Why Sexting Occurs
•The most common reason is to be
•Sexts are sometimes sent as a “sexy”
Why Sexting Occurs
To get
a guy or
To feel
Who Are Sexts Sent To?
Sexts are often sent to
people whom the
sexter is interested in
The Scary Formula of sexting
Danah Boyd – Senior Microsoft Researcher
Formula #1: Boy and girl are dating, images
are shared. Boy and girl break up. Spurned
lover shames the other by spreading images.
Formula #2: Girl really likes boy, sends him
sexy images. He responds by sharing them,
shaming her.”
If you forward an image or video
of someone that is under age (under
18), you can be charged for
distributing child pornography.
You could end up on the Canadian sex
offenders list as a child predator.
Girl, 16, Faces Child Porn Charge for Texting Nude
Photo of Another Girl
Posted: Sep 19, 2013 7:44 PM ET
The 16-year-old B.C. girl is facing charges of possession and
distribution of child pornography and uttering threats after
she allegedly distributed nude pictures of her boyfriend's exgirlfriend.
Today, a provincial court judge ruled the trial will go ahead
this fall, before a related constitutional challenge to the child
pornography law will be heard.
1. It’s an offence to have a sexted photo
even if it was willingly taken and sent to
2. It’s a offence to take, possess or share
this photo.
3. If you receive this type of photo, delete
it and tell an adult or you can be
Digital Footprints
23% of 14 to 17 year olds have a digital footprint before they
are even born as parents post details about their lives online.
Digital footprints can
never be deleted.
Concluding Points
Who owns the phone you’re using?
Who is paying its monthly plan?
Are there potentially illegal
images on your phone right now?
Are you putting yourself, your
parent or guardian at risk of anything?