A. Personalized Authentic Learning

HSC Strategic Plan:
Towards 20/20
Preliminary Draft of Strategic Directions for
Review with Parents and Guardians
Draft Mission :
Learn with Joy. Live with Purpose.
We see our core mission as developing joyful engaged students who
are prepared to live with purpose. We know that the best learning
happens when students are happy to come to school, encouraged
and given opportunities to follow their passions, and can participate in
deep learning experiences that truly challenge them. Joyful engaged
students develop strong relationships with their peers and with the
many caring adults who spark and support their learning both inside
the classroom and beyond. Through their learning at HSC they are
prepared to live with purpose – to understand and to make a
difference in the world in their own unique, important and special
Draft Mission:
Learn with Joy. Live with Purpose.
We Learn:
At HSC we learn:
with an understanding of ourselves as a
with each other, and from each other.
with a balance between challenge and
with an expectation, and the encouragement
needed, to lead.
with excellence honoured and demonstrated
with creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit.
to cultivate critical thinking skills.
by being resilient.
with an awareness of, and engagement in,
current global, cultural, economic, social and
environmental issues.
Guiding Educational Principles
We Live:
We live by these important ideals:
• Integrity
• Respect
• Community
• Determination
• Individuality
Draft Ideals
(developed by our students)
What it Means
 we are honest not only with our peers and colleagues,
but with ourselves
 we stand up for what we believe in
 we take responsibility for our actions
 we are true to our word
 we allow actions to speak louder than words
 we understand the importance of being humble
 we think beyond ourselves through empathy and
 we are courteous and compassionate
 we find a sense of worth and value in others and
 we build friendships through inclusivity and the
celebration of individual differences
 we foster positive relationships at HSC and beyond our
DETERMINATION  we are committed and optimistic
 we encourage each individual to strive for their own
 we persevere when faced with adversity
 we learn from our missteps
 we inspire individuals to express and pursue their own
unique passions
 we are creative
 we are confident in who we are and who we will become
Draft Strategic Objectives 2015-2020
Global & Local
Joyful and
Resilience &
All supported by…
Strong HSC
Connections &
Partnerships and
Collaborative &
Faculty and Staff
Sustainability &
A. Personalized Authentic Learning
Desired Outcomes for 2020
Every student will have a greater understanding of their individual
learning styles
Each graduating student will have a unique/differentiating learning
experience (beyond the requirements of the Ontario Secondary
School Diploma)
There will be more personalized learning possibilities including more
self-paced learning and more reach ahead learning (e.g. middle
school to high school and potentially university credits)
Learning will be more authentic including more problem-based
learning (e.g. produce a “product”/project) and more external
experiential learning experiences (e.g. internships, co-op)
A. Personalized Authentic Learning
Preliminary Strategies
Review our approach to the delivery of learning to enable more flexibility and
customization (e.g. timetabling, scheduling)
Develop alternative pathways for high school students including 4 year and 5
year options (e.g. a Post Grad year)
Develop and implement a progressive approach to assessing student
learning and student engagement
Explore the concept of a “big idea” strategy – that enables each student to
develop and experience a culminating activity
Enhance partnerships with local organizations to support innovation and new
learning opportunities (see F.)
Develop an alumni/parent mentorship program
B. Global & Local Connectedness
Desired Outcomes
Students will have opportunities for unique local and global external learning
experiences throughout their time at HSC - local and global connections will occur
at every grade (age appropriate)
Students will have an opportunity to do an international exchange or service
learning experience
Students will have an increased awareness of the cultures of the world
The diversity of our school population will be embraced and celebrated
B. Global & Local Connectedness
Develop an intentional whole-school strategy to enhance international and local
Develop an international network of schools and explore potential international
satellite school partnerships for student and faculty exchanges
Develop deeper international service learning relationships
Diversify our international student program
Develop a strategy to celebrate and engage the diverse cultures of the school
Develop strategies to enhance the languages program
C. Entrepreneurial Spirit
Desired Outcomes
Age-appropriate opportunities to enhance their entrepreneurial mindset which
involves inspiration, creativity, direct action, courage and fortitude
Different forms of entrepreneurship (social, intra, environmental etc…) and creativity
will be understood and celebrated
To foster a culture of ideation which comprises all stages of a thought cycle, from
innovation, to development, to actualization
C. Entrepreneurial Spirit
Define key elements of entrepreneurial spirit and ways to measure it
Foster entrepreneurial spirit and creativity in curricular and co-curricular activities,
e.g. robotics, global/social/environmental action, civic action
Align with local post-secondary organizations on their growing entrepreneurial
studies programs
D. Resilience and Wellness
Desired Outcomes
Our community (students, parents and staff) will better understand how to develop
resilience, and the benefits of experiencing non-catastrophic failure
Students will have the life skills to succeed beyond HSC (e.g. to know what is
enough, to achieve better balance, the importance of honouring their commitments)
We will have a comprehensive integrated approach to wellness and the HSC
experience will consistently support wellness
D. Resilience and Wellness
Develop a parent education and support strategy
Implement our executive functioning strategy, (e.g. time management)
Improve our support mechanisms so that more adults know our students on a
deeper level (including tutorial and home room systems)
Develop and implement a comprehensive integrated wellness program
F. Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration
Desired Outcomes
Partnerships with post-secondary schools and partners within McMaster Innovation
Individual partnerships to support internships/experience
International relationships (see Section B)
Facility-based partnerships
Enhanced community profile
F. Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration
Develop a partnership policy (which clarifies which partners, why, to what end,
mutual benefits etc.)
Pursue strategic partnerships which support the College’s objectives (e.g. authentic
learning, entrepreneurial spirit, resilience)
Develop deeper strategic connections to facility-based community partners whose
missions align with HSC (e.g. selected sports organizations)
G. Innovative & Collaborative Faculty and Staff
Desired Outcomes
Staff have the knowledge and skillsets needed to implement new approaches (e.g.
understanding of entrepreneurial mindset development, innovative technology
Greater collaboration within and across schools, between faculty and staff
Staff supported in innovation and risk-taking
Growing recognition nationally and internationally of faculty and staff expertise
G. Innovative & Collaborative Faculty and Staff
Develop a renewed Professional Development strategy to support new strategic
Explore strategies to support enhanced collaboration and teamwork
Explore opportunities for enhanced professional growth and innovation (e.g.
endowed chair, faculty exchanges)
Encourage staff participation in external opportunities that advance and showcase
HSC excellence and innovation
Encourage and support staff wellness
H. Financial Sustainability and Accessibility
Desired Outcomes
Increased alternative revenue
Significant increase in endowment
More financial aid and merit-based scholarships
Continued fiscal prudence and long term approach to fiscal planning and
H. Financial Sustainability and Accessibility
Renew our strategic financial plan and develop financial planning guidelines
Develop an alternative revenue strategy
Develop an endowment strategy
Re-focus our fundraising on endowment and annual giving
Renew our long term facility master plan
Conduct benchmarking reviews
Joyful and Engaged Learner
The joyful learning process requires and builds on noncognitive
skills as well as academic knowledge. Skills such as resilience,
persistence, determination, and willingness to problem solve lay
the foundation for joy in learning. Basically, when students are
engaged learners, joy emanates from success in the learning
process (Rantala & Maatta, 2012; Tough, 2012)
From your perspective, are we generally on the right track?
Are there areas that need more clarification?
Is anything important missing?
Please give consideration and email to strategy@hsc.on.ca