Acuity for Administrators

OK Grades 3–8 Benchmarks
“Acuity for Administrators”
Assessment Window
February 25–March 18, 2013
– Today’s Agenda
 Review “Getting Started with Acuity” steps
 Clarifying the Acuity Super User role
 Creating a smooth process for Acuity Benchmark
assessments at your school
 Preparing classroom teachers for a successful
assessment experience
 Ensuring prompt and accurate Acuity reports
Acuity Step-by-Step!
Step 1
CTB e-mailed “Welcome to Acuity” memos including ASP/Administrative
Checklist on Friday, February 1, 2013.
Step 2
Districts return completed Acuity Checklist to CTB via
Step 3
CTB Technology team reviews Acuity Checklist and approves ASP model.
Step 4
CTB sends districts an e-mail which includes: Acuity URL, Super
username/password, Acuity Self Service Roster Guide, Sample Self Service
Roster files; 1 file for the Educator and 1 file for the student, Link to Acuity
User Guide, Link to Self Service Rostering Training Video and Permissions
Training Video.
Step 5
Districts upload their Educator and Student file data within Acuity.
Step 6
Set up permissions, setup assignments and ensure all technology is ready.
Step 7
Train teachers via CTB webinars and/or turn-key training in your district.
The Acuity Super User
The Acuity Super User Role is responsible for…
Self-Service Rostering
Setting up Profiles and Tiers
Setting up Assignments (This task can be delegated)
Setting up Permissions
Creating a smooth assessment
1. Train staff on how to log into the system and how to administer
2. Discuss/display the variety of resources in the Acuity Community
(i.e. the Instructional Videos) and within the Acuity HELP menu and
encourage staff to access them for helpful tips and useful
3. Check all Acuity class rosters before testing to be sure all students
are listed. If not, contact the appropriate district personnel.
4. Check your technology to ensure all computers/laptops are
functioning properly. Make sure that an Acuity icon is on the
desktop of each computer for easy access.
5. Determine who will download and print the Constructed Response
items and scoring rubric for each grade level and content area.
Prior to Training Staff
You Need to Know…
– Who is the District Super User?
– Who is your building Acuity Point Person?
– How will you administer assessments: online or
– Who will:
• Enroll new students
• Distribute Educator UN/PW
• Assign tests – Predictive and/or Diagnostic
• Be responsible for manually scoring offline results
for both SR and CR
Acuity the TOOL!
Tests Tab
• Perform functions related to tests –
– Set up test parameters
– Set up test administration parameters
– Score tests
– Create custom tests/items/performance assessments
– View tests
Testing Program-OK does not use!
• Strict Parameters for setting up testing window administration
• Test assignments must be created within testing program
• Tests must be administered at some point within testing
• All scoring (whether manual or scanning) must be completed
within the testing program windows
View or Print:
Tests in both online and offline format
Answer sheets for constructed response items
Performance Assessments and answer sheets
Test answer keys and rubric/exemplars
Reference sheets (if applicable)
Test Assignments
• Test Assignments creates parameters around the
administration of a test
• Test Assignments must be created to:
– Administer tests online
– To scan answer sheets if administered offline
– To view reports
• Can create mass test assignments to save time creating
• View, Edit, Create or Delete information pertaining to
students, educators and classes
• Set up Permissions
• Upload Roster Files
• View Batch Reports
• Generate and View Data Extracts
Management –
• Account manager will set up the school information on the
back end of Acuity.
• Schools/districts are responsible for uploading their own
user/class/student information through the self rostering
• Dependent on permissions, users may create
student/educator or class information manually
• Educators/students may be assigned to more than one
• Classes may have more than one teacher assigned to it
Self Service Rostering
• Self Service Rostering allows districts to upload
their teacher, class and student information into
• Districts may import this information from their data
source system into a .csv file. The .csv file will then
be uploaded into Acuity
• Two different files need to be create:
– Educator – contains teacher and class information
– Student – contains student information
• The .csv file must be in the format stipulated by
Acuity for proper data uploads
Acuity Sandbox
• Oklahoma Educator Sandbox URL:
• Username: lukebryant2
• Password: okrocks
The Role of this login is a School Administrator in School 6
Acuity Sandbox
• Where to find Report Data:
Click Reports
Class Roster Report
Subject: Mathematics
Assessment Type: Predictive
Class: Walters Mrs.
Assessment: Oklahoma Grade 4 Benchmark 2
Use the hyperlinks in the upper right corner to toggle
from report to report
OK Grade 3–8 Acuity
Benchmark Educator
• Training
– Scheduled webinars February 5 thru February 22,
– Instant Replay of webinar sessions will be posted
once vetted to
• Acuity Customer Support
– Customer Support at (888) 282-2010 (7:30 a.m. to
4:30 p.m. CST) or via e-mail at