Hank Zipzer: Help! Somebody Get Me Out of Fourth Grade

Hank Zipzer: Help! Somebody
Get Me Out of Fourth Grade
By: Quin O’Keefe
Authors: Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver
Illustrator: Carol Heyer
• Hank Zipzer
• Ms. Adolf
• Frankie Townsend
• Ashley Wong
Hank Zipzer
• Hank is a fourth grader that goes to P.S. 87
and lives in New York City. Hank is nice, funny
and very creative but not a very good student.
He lives in a apartment on 78th street.
Ms. Adolf
• Ms. Adolf is Hank’s fourth grade teacher. She
is really serious. She’s a very strict teacher.
She wears the same clothes and glasses
• Ms. Adolf was my favorite character because
she’s a good teacher , very helpful , very strict
and a good teacher for Hank.
Frankie Townsend
• Frankie is Hank’s friend and in the same class.
He is the kind of guy that will help you when
your in trouble. He always comes up with
great ideas. He is the best tether ball player in
the school. He lives in the same apartment as
Ashley Wong
• She is another friend of Hank’s. She is a hard
worker, persistent and loyal. She is Chinese
American. She lives in the same apartment
building as Hank and Frankie.
The plot of Hank Zipzer, Help! Somebody get Me
Out of Fourth Grade is very worrisome. Ms.
Adolf announced that there is no school on
Friday because of the- end- of- the- year
evaluations with the parents. Hank is worried
that he will get his report card but not pass
fourth grade. He looks in Ms. Adolf’s grade
book when she is out of the room and sees
the word “redo” next to his name.
Plot (continued)
• Hank wanted to find a way from his parents
going to the teacher conferences, so He,
Frankie and Ashley entered a radio station
contest to win tickets to see a band called
Stone Cold Rock in concert Philadelphia. They
won the contest and gave the trip to Hank’s
parents. But Hank’s dad didn’t want to go until
he found out that he could also visit the home
of Filbert Funk that wrote the Crossword
Puzzle dictionary.
Plot (continued)
• Hank thinks all of his problems are solved
when his parents go to Philadelphia, but they
came back early in time for the teacher
conference. Hank followed his parents to
school and he barged into the conference and
asked “ Am I going to be left back in the fourth
grade?” Hank finds out that he can go to fifth
if he completes Summer School.