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Coins for Cleaner Water
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This is Drinking Water…
The World Water Crisis
• Almost 1 billion people without
access to clean water
• Many rivers too polluted
to support life
• 1.8 million people lose their lives
from diarrhea caused
by unsafe drinking water
• 50% of hospital beds
occupied because of
water-related diseases
American Chemical Society
Water is a Woman’s Issue
Women spend 40 billion hours
hauling water
Average woman walks 6km or 3.75
miles a day to collect water
Women are responsible for children
who are sick and dying
More than 50% of deaths of women
with HIV/AIDS in Africa is from
Leading women are starting to
mobilize around water as a
woman’s cause
American Chemical Society
Why Household Drinking Water?
4,000 children die every day from
water-borne disease – more than
HIV/AIDS, malaria & measles
CDC and P&G collaboration helped
demonstrate that household water
treatment can improve health
P&G powdered water purification
technology developed to address
this issue
American Chemical Society
Children‘s Safe Drinking Water
Provides safe drinking water to people who really need it
for just pennies on the dollar.
P&G Purifier of Water
Reverse engineered current
municipal water treatment process
Small packet to treat 10 liters of
water using coagulation,
flocculation and disinfection
Uses same ingredients used in
municipal systems
Calcium Hypochlorite as
Ferric Sulfate as Coagulant
Laboratory and Field Testing
Very effective in visually cleaning
dirty water
Effective in killing bacteria
(>99.99999%) and viruses
(>99.99%) that cause typhoid,
cholera, and hepatitis
Effective in removing chlorine
resistant parasites like giardia and
cryptosporidium (>99.9%)
Effective reduction in heavy
(e.g. arsenic and lead), organics,
and pesticides
Health Intervention Studies
Six studies, More than 25,000
People showed Average
Diarrhea Reduction of 50%
Diarrhea Reduction
(2 Studies, Rural)
Kenya (Turbid water)
Pakistan (Urban)
Liberia (Refugee camp)
Arsenic Removal
– Bangladesh
American Chemical Society
P&G Children’s Safe
Drinking Water Program
• P&G’s global cause P&G Live,
Learn and Thrive® focuses on the
development of children in need,
ages 0-13,
• The Children’s Safe Drinking Water
Program is our signature global
• CSDW is a not-for-profit program
with two focus areas – social
markets and emergency response
Sustained Efforts in Developing
• Work with international social
marketing experts including PSI
with USAID support in several
• Existing programs in 14 countries
• Work with community based
groups, schools, clinics to create
habit change
• Increases product availability,
creates jobs, and is sustainable
Emergency Relief
P&G packets are easy to transport, shown
to be well accepted & used correctly in
Distributed in most major disasters –
tsunami, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes,
cholera outbreaks in Africa
Global partners include:
Catholic Relief Services
IFRC (Red Cross)
Population Services International (PSI)
World Vision
American Chemical Society
P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water
Program Global Reach
P&G CSDW Efforts to Date
Delivered over 4.9 billion liters
14 Social market countries
Emergency relief provided in more
than 65 countries
Prevented over 202 million days of
Helped save tens of thousands of
Goal: Save One Life Every Hour
by 2020
Provide 1.5 million liters of safe drinking water by the end of 2012
How can you help?
Donations by ACS members and members of your community
Collect money during outreach events
Partner with local businesses to collect money
Share the facts related to safe drinking water
How You Can Help
Help support the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking
Water Program. Every bit helps.
Tell your family & friends about water issues around the world
Write a letter to your Representative & encourage them to support water
Conduct a fundraiser to support water programs in developing countries
$1.00 gives a child clean water for 50 days.
$7.50 gives a child clean water for a year.
$30.00 gives a family clean water for a year.
American Chemical Society
More Information and Sending
Your Funds
• Additional information can be found at
• Checks (DO NOT MAIL CASH) should
be made payable to and mailed to:
American Chemical Society
Attn: Development Office
1155 Sixteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
o Please indicate that the check or money order is
for the Coins for Cleaner Water project.
o All donations are tax deductible and receipts will
be issued to donors who pay by check or money
order. For more information about obtaining
individual receipts, email
Chemists Providing Safe Water
Through Chemistry
It’s the right thing to do.
Together, we can make a difference!
American Chemical Society