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Marc Godwin
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
To: SMC Suppliers
The following information is presented to provide
suppliers the understanding and the need for a strict
process and design control for products purchased
by SMC under “Copy Exact” requirements.
The “Copy Exact” requirement has been driven by
SMC’s customers and the flow down of this
requirement to sub-tier supplier is mandatory for
eliminating quality excursions.
SMC’s Copy Exact Requirements are defined in the
SMC Quality Assurance Supplier Manual.
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
What Is Copy Exact?
• It ensures that identical tools perform identically
upon installation for our customers without the
need for any additional adjustment or tuning.
• Parts are “Build to Print” - any deviations from
the drawing or process changes must be
approved in advance.
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
Supplier Compliance
Design Control and Change Management focus
Reiterate existing Supply Agreement expectations as
defined in SMC’s Quality Assurance Supplier Manual
Establish communication for all Copy Exact issues
Emphasize accountability
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
How do I know if the products I
supply to SMC require Copy Exact
If your company have been sent this
training material, your company has
been confirmed as supplying product to
SMC that falls under the Copy Exact
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
When does Copy Exact Take
When SMC receives and accepts your first
article report with your accompanying
certification of compliance or first shipment
where applicable.
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
Why is Copy Exact Critical?
Many of SMC’s customers are in the
medical equipment and microelectronic
wafer processing industries.
Defective components can cost our
customers losses in the millions of
dollars with effect of the potential of
loss of business to SMC.
Our customers demand this.
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
What is a Copy Exact
When a supplier makes an uncontrolled and/or
undocumented change from the drawing or to
the manufacturing process of a part without prior
SMC/Customer approval, a Copy Exact
VIOLATION is deemed to occur.
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
Copy Exact Violation (cont.):
Supplier’s Subcontract Change
A supplier shall not change the
established subcontractor for
components, processes or completed /
substantially completed items supplied to
SMC without prior notification and
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
Manufacturing Process Elements
5M’s + 1 E:
The “5 M’s”.
• Methods.
• Machines.
• Material.
• Manpower (Untrained personnel).
• Measurement.
• Environment.
No changes are to be made to these elements
without prior approval.
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
How to ensure products delivered are Copy Exact?
Establish series of well defined steps that repeatedly produce a part within an
agreed to specification
 Any uncontrolled process step is inadequate and will have impact on copy
exact product.
“Copy exact” in everything that is produced, do not change anything (5M+E)
without prior notification and approval.
Key parameters (on the part, on the tool set,..) are routinely measured and SPC
maintained (if required by SMC).
 The parts produced are within the UCL and LCL (upper & lower control
 There are well defined responses when there is any deviation in an SPC
 Parameter impacts are understood for control parameter changes
Measurement tools are calibrated according to set standards
 Adequate preventive maintenance is determined.
 Determine tool wear behavior and identify yield improvements.
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
How does a supplier notify SMC of a
proposed Copy Exact change?
The instructions and
form are included in
your SMC Quality
Assurance Supplier
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
Copy Exact Non-compliance
Some Actual Case
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
Non-compliance Example
Machine Change:
Supplier changed from milling machine A to another milling
machine B in order to meet a production schedule.
Resulting Impact:
The components which arrived had numerous leak/sealing
issues on the manufacturing floor and upon closer
inspection it was noted that machine B was a different
make/model than machine A. Once the specs for the milling
machines were compared, it was noted machine B could not
produce to the same tolerances as A, resulting in the
original leak/sealing issue.
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
Non-compliance example – Material Change
Problem Statement
 Windows failed at several customers for
Root Cause
 Supplier used wrong material
 Material shortage of as specified material resulted in
substitution of a different higher grade material. Not
approved prior to implementation.
Short-Term Containment
■ All windows were screened for correct material.
■ World wide purge/recall of all effected parts.
Long-Term Containment
 Supplier improved their material tracking process. All
Liability Cost
parts are now traceable to boule number and original
raw material supplier P.O.
 Supplier ~$100K
 100% secondary
 Customer $1.3M+
inspection performed at final clean
prior to delivery.
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
Non-compliance example – Design Change
Problem Statement
High particle count in chamber
plate, side A
plate, side B
Root Cause
 Supplier increase chamfer around Helicoil in
improve manufacturing yield.
Add a
Increased chamfer allows gasses to flow past
fasteners transporting loose particles to the
Large chamfer
allows gas to flow
between side A
and side B
trapped particles
from the helicoil
Notification submitted after implementation
and rejected.
Short-Term Containment
 Deviation OK to build ”as is” until DOE is
Long-Term Containment
New part number created to evaluate tools
Liability Cost
 $140,000 investigation, including DOE 2 months
 Customer could have lost $$ and chargeback to
requiring small chamfer.
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
In summary, Copy Exact means:
No changes are to be made to the
established process or subcontract
supplier without SMC approval
once the First Article or first
shipment has been accepted by
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
The Bottom Line...
Copy Exact requires coherent change
Copy Exact violations can cost any
one of our customers millions of dollars
Conformance to Copy Exact standards
enhances SMC’s customers’ business
results, productivity & satisfaction, and
therefore our FUTURE BUSINESS.
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
Copy Exact In Review
Exact is a change control process that provides for advance
1. Copy
notification and/or approval prior to making a change.
Exact applies to all SMC products where a business decision
2. Copy
has been made to do so.
Exact is based on the unambiguous and maintained
3. Copy
reference configurations.
4. Copy Exact is affected by process controls and the 5M+E.
“violation” occurs when a supplier makes an uncontrolled
5. Aand/or
undocumented change.
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013
Thank-you for reviewing this
Please document all personnel who have reviewed
this training in your company and keep in your
training records. SMC may periodically request
documented evidence of the training completion as
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Craig Nagahori – Purchasing Manager
Noblesville - (317) 688-0556
Terry Moody – Quality Engineer
Noblesville - (317) 688-0625
Mark Miller – Quality Manager
Noblesville - (317) 688-0525
QAD 7.4.1B Rev.A 8/09/2013