Chapter 14 Labor`s Response to Industrialism

Chapter 14
Labor’s Response to Industrialism
Focus Question
Was the rise of industry good for
American workers?
14.2 Conditions of the Working Class
• 6 days a week 10 or more hours dailly.
• Division of labor - Production was divided into
separate tasks.
– Work was boring and repetative.
• Hazardous work environments
• Child Labor
• Unsanitary Living Conditions – Tenements
(run-down apartment buildings)
14.3 The Labor Movement
• Labor Unions – A group of workers organized
to protect the interests of its members.
– First 1700s in NYC
– Power comes from treat of strike and collective
– National Labor Union – American Federation of
Labor (AFL)
– Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) – Socialist
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