Introduction to the Green Infrastructure Network (PPT

Growing Connections
An introduction to the
Green Infrastructure Network
Flevoland, 27 September 2013
Ingrid Henzen
The Green Infrastructure Network
• Partnership of 11 European regions from 10 countries
• Promoting the development and implementation of green
 by facilitating the exchange of experience
 by identifying and transferring best practices related to green
infrastructure policies
• Total budget: € 1.585.164
• Co-funded by the INTERREG IVC Programme
• January 2012 – December 2014
Who we are – The partnership
• Flevoland Province Council (NL) –
Lead Partner
• Plovdiv Regional Development Agency
• Stara Zagora REDA (BG)
• Nicosia Development Agency (CY)
• Barcelona Province Council (ES)
• Valencia Regional Government (ES)
• Regional Environmental Center (HU)
• Fingal County Council (IR)
• Emilia-Romagna Region (IT)
• Ministry of Environmental Protection
and Regional Development (LV)
• Ghajnsielem Municipality (MT)
What is Green Infrastructure?
Conserving biodiversity by strengthening the
coherence of ecosystems
How can we achieve a GI?
A new approach: integrating the conservation of
biodiversity into other forms of land use
GI on European level
• May 2013, European Commission: new strategy
for an EU-wide Green Infrastructure “Green
Infrastructure (GI) – Enhancing Europe’s
Natural Capital”
• Green infrastructure: one of the main tools to
tackle threats on biodiversity
• Integration of green infrastructure into other
policy areas
Project’s key objective
Strengthen the development and implementation
of green infrastructure in EU regions in order to
conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services in
close cooperation with other policy measures
How to achieve this
• By the exchange of expertise and experience among partners
• By the transfer of best practices
• By organizing seminars and conferences
=> Involvement of stakeholders
Objectives of today’s conference
• To share our experience…
… and to learn from your experience
• To give an opportunity for further discussions
Thank you for your attention!
[email protected]
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