Presented during the Lina Group
of Companies Peace Agreement Forum
4 March 2014
The successful conclusion of the Mindanao peace process
finds root in the determination of both our peoples to
strengthen the foundations of peace and justice.
– Statement of Pres. Aquino during his joint press
conference with PM Najib (28 Feb 2014, Kuala Lumpur)
Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro
Framework Agreement of the Bangsamoro (signed 15 Oct 2012)
 composed of four (4) annexes and one (1) addendum
Annex on Transitional Arrangements and Modalities
(signed 27 February 2013)
Annex on Revenue Generation and Wealth Sharing
(signed 13 July 2013)
Annex on Power Sharing (signed 08 December 2013)
Annex on Normalization (signed 25 January 2014)
Addendum on Bangsamoro Waters (signed 25 January 2014)
Annex on Transitional Arrangements and
• Lays out the roadmap from the signing of the FAB to
the establishment of the Bangsamoro Government
with the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law
• There will be a definite conclusion – parties will sign
an Exit Agreement after all substantive provisions
have been implemented
Annex on Power Sharing
List of Powers:
• Reserved powers of the Central Government
(defense and external security; foreign policy; coinage and monetary
policy; postal service; citizenship and naturalization, immigration; etc.)
• Concurrent powers shared between the Central Government
and the Bangsamoro Government
(social security and pensions; quarantine; land registration; pollution
control; auditing; penology and penitentiary; etc.)
• Exclusive powers devolved to the Bangsamoro Government
(agriculture livestock and food security; tourism; budgeting; ancestral
domain and natural resources; inland waterways for navigation;
customary laws; establishments of GOCC and GFIs; etc.)
Annex on Revenue Generation and
Wealth Sharing
The Annex details sources of wealth creation, revenues and
financial assistance, including:
• Expands devolution of taxing powers as long as taxable
elements are within Bangsamoro
• Provides increased sharing of government revenues of
natural resources within Bangsamoro derived from exporation,
development and utilization
• Annual block grants under automatic appropriations and
regular release to the Bangsamoro
• Provides accountability measures and establishes that
revenues from specified additional taxes as well as increased
share in revenues in natural resources will be deducted from
annual block grant
Annex on Normalization
Normalization  process where communities can achieve their
desired quality of life which includes the pursuit of sustainable
livelihood and political participation within a peaceful, deliberative
Components of the Annex:
a) Security Aspect – policing; joint peace and security
arrangements; redeployment of AFP; decommissioning of
MILF armed forces; disbanding of private armed groups
b) Socio-economic development – programs for former
combatants and conflict-affected communities
c) Transitional justice and reconciliation
Comprehensive Agreement on the
Bangsamoro (CAB)
15 Oct ‘12
and Modalities
27 Feb ‘13
13 Jul ‘13
08 Dec ‘13
25 Jan ‘14
25 Jan ‘14
Bangsamoro Transition Commission
• Composed of 15 members appointed by the President
(8 from MILF, including the Chair, and 7 from GPH)
Bangsamoro Basic Law
Geographical Coverage of Bangsamoro
• By plebiscite
• Coverage of
Bangsamoro entity
 ARMM (5 provinces,
1 city)
 6 municipalities in
Lanao del Norte
 36 barangays in 6
municipalities of
North Cotabato
 Isabela and
Cotabato Cities
 Others by LGU
resolution or petition
Bangsamoro Regional Government
(ministerial form of government)
Bangsamoro Regional Government
(ministerial form of government)
security aspect
socio-economic development
transitional justice
sustainable peace and productivity in
Bangsamoro communities
Thank you!

Framework Agreement of the Bangsamoro