PowerPoint Presentation - UC Berkeley`s Student Dietetic Association

UCB Student Dietetic Association
Preparation for Internship Applications
• Build up your resume
o Volunteering
 Clinical
 Community
 Food Service
o Paid/Unpaid health related work
o Leadership/Clubs - SDA :)
Other Preparation Work
• GREs
o Graduate Schools
o Some Internships require them (ex: UCSF)
o New format in 2011
• Letter of Recommendations
o Most require three
o Potential references: Mikelle, Sue, Mary, supervisors from
where you volunteer
o Start thinking about it now!
Internship Research
Things to consider...
• Costs/Tuition
• Location
• Transportation
• Emphasis/combined programs
• Length of program
• General requirements
• Distance Program (find preceptors)
• Acceptance rates
Where to find information...
• ADA website (get a membership now! 2 months for free :D)
• allaccessinternships.com
• Applicant's Guide on bspace
After doing some research...
Contact directors of the program - network
If you have time/money, go to their open houses
Talk to current interns (if possible)
Limit down your choices to five
DICAS (http://portal.dicas.org)
DPD Professional vs. Science Courses
• Professional courses
o Social science classes (i.e. psychology, sociology,
o college-level writing classes
o NST 104 - Human Food Practices
o NST 135 - Food Services Mgmt
o NST 161A & B - MNT
o NST 166 - Community Nutrition
o NST 192 - Junior Seminar
o NST 194 - Senior Seminar
o UGBA 102A - Accounting
o UGBA 105 - Organizational Behavior
o ED 190 - Current Issues in Education
DPD Professional vs. Science Courses
• Science courses (+ labs!!!)
o General Biology
o General Chemistry
o Organic Chemistry
o Biochemistry
o Physiology
o Math/Statistics
o NST 103 - Human Metabolism
o NST 160 - Human Nutr & Physio
o PH 162A - Microbiology
o NST 108 A & B - Food Sciences
D&D Computer Matching
Other General Information...
• Some schools don't participate in D&D or DICAS
• Supplemental information that some programs require:
o additional essays
o application fees
• Application fees = $$$
• ADA, CDA Scholarships - Applications are really easy :)
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