Sales Call Openings

Sales Call Openings
• Take every opportunity to build a
relationship. Every business relationship is
built upon a human relationship
• Create A Positive First Impression
• * Meet customer “expectations”
• * Meet cultural norms
• * Meet customers personal behavior norms
Consumer Expectaions
How you look
How you arrive
How you greet the customer
How you converse
How you act
Cultural Norms
• Clothing/attire
• How you arrive- biosecurity, introduction
• How you greet the customer- formal or
• How you converse- be sure to state who you
are and your purpose
Personal Behavioral Norms
• Dominance- how customer deals with
problems and challenges
• Influence- How the customer relates to
others and tries to influence others
• Steadiness- How customer deals with
change and activity
• Compliance- how customer deals with rules
set by others.
Building rapport
• Suggestions for the various types of
customers p. 269
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