Clinical Psychology at the University of Hull

Clinical Psychology at the
University of Hull
Dr Nick Hutchinson
Academic Co-ordinator
Beverley Leak
Programme Manager
Clinical Psychology Training at Hull
• Selection at end of 2nd year
• 3rd year specialist modules
• Years 4,5 & 6 full time salaried Clinical
Psychology training course leading to a Clinical
Psychology Doctorate
• Contains three components
– Clinical
– Research
– Academic
What do you need if you want to be a
clinical psychologist?
• Good 2.1 or 1st degree.
• Relevant voluntary or work experience.
• An interest in and commitment to working
with vulnerable or distressed individuals, their
families and carers.
• An ability to manage a high workload with
competing demands (placement, academic
and research).
Application process
• Applications are made at the end of the 2nd year.
• Candidates will not be shortlisted unless they
have an average of a 2.1 or above at the end of
their second year.
• Candidates are very unlikely to be shortlisted
unless they have some voluntary or work
• You will need an academic and a clinical
What do you need to do now if you
are interested in clinical psychology
• Make sure you have some relevant experience.
• Make sure your grades are high enough.
• Get to know your personal tutor or someone in
the psychology department so that they can write
you a reference.
• Personal Development Planning i.e. identify any
shortcomings and work to address these.
• Work on presenting your application
What is the application procedure?
• Application forms available from Monday 21st
March 2011 from website or programme
manager’s office first floor, Hertford Building.
• Application forms returned by 12 noon
Tuesday 3rd May 2011.
• Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by
letter the week of 20th June 2011.
• Selection will take place on Thursday 7th and
Friday 8th July 2011.
Any questions?