Procurement BPMN

COMM 226
Procurement BPMN exercise
Chitu Okoli
Associate Professor in Business Technology Management
John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montréal
BPMN exercise: Returns management at CBI
If a bicyclist returns a bike they purchased from a CBI retailer (e.g.
Philly Bikes), then the retailer provides the bicyclist a new bike,
tags the returned bike, and annotates the bicyclist’s complaint.
Philly then ships the returned bike back to CBI to determine where
the fault occurred. CBI identifies the supplier of the faulty part,
charges the supplier, and returns the defective part. The supplier
verifies the faulty part and if they accept responsibility for the fault,
they reimburse CBI. If the supplier rejects responsibility for the
fault, then they send CBI an explanation letter.
• Most of the slides are adapted from COMM 226
Business Technology Management by David M.
Kroenke, Andrew Gemino, Peter Tingling, and Earl H.
McKinney, Jr. 2nd Custom Edition for Concordia
University (2014) published by Pearson Canada.
ISBN 13: 978-1-269-96956-7
• BPMN gateway shapes are adapted from Wikipedia
• I thank Gregory Kersten and Marc-André Léger for
their assistance with various slide content and
• Other sources are noted on the slides themselves