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NHS Harrogate and Rural District CCG
Better Care Fund – overview
Systems Leadership Approach
Amanda Bloor
Chief Officer
Harrogate and Rural District CCG
Better Care Fund – a reminder of the key elements
• The Government has created a £3.8b pooled budget for
2015/16, intended to help move care out of hospital and into
the community and improve working and integration between
Health and Social Care.
• For North Yorkshire, this equates to £39.8m: this is not new
• The 2015/16 fund includes the Disabled Facilities Grant
funding with the stipulation that it passes directly to Districts.
• Approximately £10m of the local funding will be performance
related based on delivery of local reduction in emergency
Vision for North Yorkshire
Care centred on the needs of the individual and their carers,
empowering people to take control of their health and independence.
We are committed to:
• Become an exemplar for how CCGs and Local Government can
work together to lead a complex health and social care system.
• Improve self –help and independence
• Invest in Primary and Community Services
• Create a sustainable local system which protects Adult Social
Care and partners with hopsitals to reduce reliance on acute
services and residential care.
Better Care Fund – Key Principles
We aim to improve outcomes for, patients and carers and
customers, improving their experience of services as well as
improving our use of resources.
Our aims are encompassed in three key areas of focus:
• Improve health, self-help and independence for North
Yorkshire people
• Invest in Primary Care and Community Services
• Create a sustainable system
Making it work - Harrogate and Rural District
Co-terminous CCG/District Council
Strong relationships
Established a Public Sector Leadership Board
Desire to recognise and act on ‘place’
Concept of ‘public sector pound’
Sign up to joint commissioning framework
Pooled budget – some progress
Plan on a Page
• Insert PSLB Harrogate slides
Our collective vision is for:
Together we will lead and support the delivery of high quality
services that are efficient, innovative and reflect the specific
needs and priorities of our local communities, ensuring better
outcomes and improving the lives of local people
HaRD CCG, HBC and NYCC are committed to the following principles for
how local people should experience services:
• Promoting health and wellbeing
• Care is integrated around people rather than organisations
• Treating the patient’s home as the main focus of care and
• No health without mental health
• No decision about me without me
A Unique Point in Time – why now?
People and Place
• 20.7% older people (>65) living in
Harrogate and its surrounding area
(16.7% Eng.)
• Growth in long term conditions
• Strong leadership teams
• Harrogate Public Services Leadership
Board; Health and Well Being board
Policy and Resource
• A new era for Health and Social Care
in North Yorkshire (Better Care Fund)
• Five year Forward View
• Care Act
• Local organisational plans
• Converging universes
• Diminishing resources
System Leadership – Local vision
• Opportunity to behalf differently
• Place based initiatives
• Leadership behaviours
– Trust, sharing power, real partnership
• Outcomes over process
• Culture change
• Addressing the ‘wicked’ issues
– No easy solution
Our “wicked issue”
Why “Wicked”…
How do we ensure our elderly people with LTC
including dementia, are supported to live
independently and well at home for longer?
2 tier complex health and social care economy
Challenging provider economy
Personalisation agenda – health and social care
Diminishing resources
Public and political scrutiny and expectation
Ensuring a dementia friendly community with responsive
‘Living Well’ in Harrogate
Underpinning delivery of our ambitions
• Integrated approach to voluntary sector commissioning
and development
• Better developed, stable, provider market; including
voluntary sector
• Pooled budgets and resources:
– Better alignment of public health, NHS and Social Care plans
and funding for the commissioning of health, wellbeing care
services – to achieve better outcomes and value for money
• Choice and personalisation:
– Our population to have choice and be empowered through
support with decision making around their health and care
Finally….. what will we do differently?
NHS Harrogate and Rural District CCG
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