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A Subsidiary of Almarfa Corporation
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Solve Problems …
… Add Values
Company Profile
Core Strategy
Solve Problems
Add Value
Our core strategy is to deliver
-to our market-the latest featured products with
cutting edges Technology.
A product that can
solve a problem &/or add value
to the overall clinical outcome.
We are committed to our core strategy as well as to
our end-users and our business partners.
A High Performance, Energetic Healthcare
Supplier with Superior and Sustained
Customer Support, dedicated for the introduction
of the latest featured medical devices
with cutting – edge – technologies. A device that can solve
problems &/or add values for the whole clinical outcome,
Utilizing our strong Financial
Status and solid business expertise through
our excellent staff to skim-off
specially-targeted market niches
in the healthcare industry.
Chairman’s Message
If You have a solid product portfolio which is quite
innovative, well technically supported, well priced
to be such competitive.
If You have aggressive plans to leverage most of
your company’s competences with enough tools to
support your products.
If You are equipped enough to help run a highly
committed after-sales-support.
If You are convinced with real mutual partnership
with the concept of Shared Risk Strategy.
You are then most welcome to be our life-long
principal business partner.
Jamal Abahussein
Company Offices
Main Warehouse
Branch Manager
Sales Management
Service Head Dept.
Peripheral Warehouse
Main Router (MARBASE)
Remote Router
Organizational Chart
Eng. Jamal Abahussein
Bsc. Engineering, Executive MBA
The Founder of Almarfa Medical, who consolidates the corporate infrastructure to
reflect a streamlined business and he is the key of numerous operational
The man who provides the machinery for consultations and collaboration on the
business and monetary scenario within Almarfa Group of Companies. With his
top-notch internal audit and financial staff, is continuously focusing to augment
the business portfolio within the group and collateral assets enhancement.
As a Chairman, he is always offering the opportunities for all to utilize the
corporate competencies in a productive way.
Business Portfolio
Projects Management
Cardiac Surgery
Intv. Medicine
Medical Projects
General Surgery
Off-Pump Cardiac Surgery
Interventional Cardiology
Medical Equipment
On-Pump Cardiac Surgery
Interventional Radiology
Vascular Surgery
Business Partners
Cardiovascular Surgery
Business Partners
Interventional Medicine & EP
Business Partners
Medical Projects
Pneumatic Tubing System
Cardiovascular Programs
Cardiac Assist Devices Program
Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Program
Beating Heart Surgery Program
Magnetic Navigation Intervention Program
New Product Introduction Policy
 Target Product
 Product Information Package
 Product Accreditations
 Product References Evaluation
 Current Competitors Evaluation
 Product Manufacturer Evaluation
 Launching Plan
 Demonstrations
 Intra-operative Evaluation
 Feedback Verification
 Decision Making
: it depends actually on:
- Customers Actual Needs [ Customer Driven Policy ]
- Expected Future Needs & Market Trends
: once the product has proven as a target, we will ask the manufacturer to
present a complete information package for our review.
: CE, FDA or other country-related accreditations.
: A reference list should be submitted for cross reference.
: Competitors analysis is a very important step in approving a target product to be
integrated to our portfolio. What’s the key FABs of this target
product vs. competitors.
: Target product manufacturer will be evaluated in respect of communication
style, responsiveness, flexibility, seriousness, pricing, product
support plans and after sales support proposal.
: At the time that all the above mentioned steps has fulfilled, the target product
will be supported by Almarfa Medical for a swift delivery to the
: With the first positive signs from our market’s KOLs, Almarfa Medical will call the
manufacturer for a series of In-house presentations at the main
reference centers for demonstrations and clinical workshops.
: A further very important step, is to evaluate the target product intra-operatively
as a mandatory step to be approved by the end user.
: the final step is to achieve end user satisfaction and approval.
: The target product now is integrated to our portfolio to enjoy our full support.
Financial Strengths
Almarfa Medical is enjoying a strong financial status. Our fully automated operation is ploughed to our strong financial poles.
Despite of our strong financial relations with our bankers, we have never ever resorted to this mode of external borrowings.
Our financial status could overcome any shortcoming in our operation.
 Operating Cycle
Time of Declaration to our stores
1 month
Stock holding
3 months
Collection Period
9 months
Total Cycle Time
13 months
 Bank Reference
Arab national bank
P.O.Box : 41095, Riyadh 11521, Saudi Arabia
The Manager, Commercial Banking Division
Tel : +966 1 287 5320
Fax : +966 1 287 5320
Business Milestones
 The First Implantation of Totally-Implantable Artificial Heart;
The first in Middle East, Asia, Africa & North America
 The Giant Reference Hospital Pneumatic Tube System Project in
the Middle East
 The First Installation & Commissioning of NIOBE,
Navigation System in the Middle East.
Company Contact Addresses
Headquarters - Riyadh
405 Al Umam Commercial Centre, Siteen St.
P.O.Box 28481, Riyadh 11437, Saudi Arabia
Tel : +966 1 472-8000
Fax : +966 1 477-0817
Email: [email protected]
Branch Office – Jeddah
105 Sharbatly Plaza, Hail Street,
P.O. Box 136708
Jeddah 21313, Saudi Arabia
Tel : +966 -2- 651-0888
Fax : +966-2- 657-0808
Email : [email protected]
Branch Office - Dammam
Almarfa Commercial Centre
King Faisal St, P.O. Box 63509
Dammam 31516, Saudi Arabia
Tel : +966 -3- 828-5000
Fax : +966-3- 828-6777
Email : [email protected]
Copyrights © 2013, Almarfa Medical
Thank You
Copyrights © 2013, Almarfa Medical
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