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M. Lucia Curri
Dr M. Lucia Curri, PhD in Chemistry 1997 at University of Bari (Italy), is senior
researcher scientist at the Italian National Council Institute for Physical and
Chemical Processes, Bari Division, Italy (CNR IPCF).
Currently responsible at CNR IPCF Bari Division for the material chemistry
activities aiming to design, fabricate and process inorganic solids at the
nanoscale for obtaining nanostructured and multifunctional materials both for
fundamental and application studies. She is involved in development of
synthetic strategies for preparation of colloidal nanocrystal based materials
(metal, semiconductors and oxides), and tailoring of their physical and
chemical properties towards photocatalytic, optoelectronic, environmental, (bio)sensing and biomedical
applications. Her activities address functionalization of the nanoparticles with diverse surface chemistry
modification procedures in order to organize the prepared nano-objects in mesoscopical structures to
integrate in innovative functional materials and devices. She has a significant background in design and
preparation of nanocomposites, based of nanocrystals and nanoparticles, for micro and nanofabrication.
- Project Leader of the 7 FP Collaborative European Project NMP 2012.2.2.2-6 "Nanocomposite Materials
for Photocatalytic Degradation of Pollutants" LIMPID (n. 310177)
- Scientific responsible for CNR IPCF Bari for PRIN 2012 Project “New aspects of resonance energy transfer
in organized media: dynamical effects and optical control” (Prot. 2012T9XHH7)
- Scientific responsible for CNR IPCF Bari in 6th and 7th European Framework Programme projects and for
National research projects.
- Reviewer for many high impact journals, evaluator of international project proposals and member of
conference committees and international scientific boards.
- She is also active in teaching and tutorial activities, being co-tutor of several PhD and Master theses since
2000 and lecturer in University courses and National and International schools.
- Co-author of over 150 publications, which include more than 110 on JCR journal, contributing to book
chapters (7), and many national and international conferences, also with invited talks (>20) (H index= 28
total citations > 2700, May 2013 ISI Web of Science).
- National Scientific Qualification (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale (art.16 of the law 30 December 2010,
n.240) as Full Professor in Chemistry (A03/2 "Modelli e Metodologie per le Scienze Chimiche)
Selected publications (last 5 years)
M. Corricelli, N. Depalo, E. Di Carlo, E. Fanizza, V. Laquintana,N. Denora, A. Agostiano, M.
Striccoli, M. L. Curri "Biotin-decorated silica coated PbS nanocrystals emitting in the second biological
near infrared window for bioimaging" (2014) Nanoscale. DOI:10.1039/C4NR01025F
A. E. Di Mauro, M. Striccoli, N. Depalo, E. Fanizza, L. Cano, C. Ingrosso, A. Agostiano, M. L. Curri,
A. Tercjakc "Selective confinement of oleylamine capped Au nanoparticles in self-assembled PS-b-PEO
diblock copolymer templates" (2014) Soft Matter, 10, 1676-1684,
T. Placido, G. Aragay, J. Pons, R. Comparelli, M. L. Curri, A. Merkoçi "Ion-Directed Assembly of
Gold Nanorods: a Strategy for Mercury Detection" (2013) ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2013, 5 (3), 1084–
E Fanizza, N. Depalo, L. Clary, A. Agostiano, M. Striccoli, M. L. Curri “A combined size sorting
strategy for monodisperse plasmonic nanostructures" (2013) Nanoscale 5(8) 3272-82.
Ingrosso, C. Martin-Olmos, A. Llobera, C. Innocenti, C. Sangregorio, M. Striccoli, A. Agostiano, A.
Voigt, G. Gruetzner, J. Brugger, F. Perez-Murano, M. L. Curri “Oxide Nanocrystals based Nanocomposite
for Fabrication of photoplastic AFM Probes” (2011) Nanoscale, 3 (11), 4632 - 4639.
M. Corricelli, D. Altamura, L. De Caro, A. Guagliardi, A. Falqui, A. Genovese, A. Agostiano, C.
Giannini, M. Striccoli, M. L. Curri “Self-organization of mono- and bi-modal PbS nanocrystal populations
in superlattices” (2011) CrysEngComm 13, 3988-3997.
C. Ingrosso, E. Sardella, S. Keller, S. Dohn, M. Striccoli, A. Agostiano, A. Boisen, M. L. Curri
“Surface functionalization of epoxy resist based microcantilevers with iron oxide nanocrystals” (2010)
Advanced Material 22, 3288-3292.
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