Framework for Transition

SALGA National Municipal Managers
28 February 2011
• SALGA and Municipalities will be faced with a number of
unique processes related to specifically the elections as
well as typical municipal processes which will be
influenced by the elections
• The 2011 local government elections provides an
opportunity for organised local government to play a
proactive and leadership role in all related processes to
the elections
• Framework is an all-encompassing SALGA
response to the issues facing LG during the
transition period
• The support provided in terms of the Framework
will be coordinated internally, will be coherent
from the perspective of municipalities, and will
be integrated within the priorities and
programmes of SALGA
Prior to elections
• Develop comprehensive plan in respect of
Councilor Induction Programme, including
proposed roll-out, budget, funding
contingencies, programme, etc.
• Showcase “LG good news”
Prior – cont...
• Development of guidelines/circulars in respect of:
– Budgeting, integrated development planning in the period February to
May 2011
– Appointment and terms of reference for MEOs
– Continued meetings of Mayco/Exco/Council during this period
– Funding of municipal activities relating to elections
– The continuation of projects and tenders as per the SDBIP
– Preparation of a Mayco/Exco handover report on most urgent/strategic
matters on municipal horizon
– Councilor support and benefits for outgoing (executive) councilors
– Protocols related to overall administration of municipalities during the
transitional period
– Extent of delegation of Powers to Heads of Administration in
municipalities leading up to and during the transitional period
– Cooperation in the overall administration between SALGA,
municipalities and Sector Departments, leading to and during the
transitional period
Prior – cont..
• Development of ongoing SALGA communication to
broader LG community on SALGA role in elections, as
per communications plan.
• Development of “Day 1” guidelines/circulars in respect of
governance issues, such as:
– Role of municipal manager during transition
– First council meeting, and matters for discussion/decision,
including nominations to SALGA internal structures, such as
provincial WGs, provincial SALGBC structures
– Councilor support and benefits for incoming (executive)
– Approach to budgeting and planning
– Convening of an “Executive/Mayoral Lekgotla” where top
management team will brief incoming executive leadership on
state of municipality, and will be briefed by incoming political
executive on electoral priorities
During elections
• Development of circular on role of incumbent
(executive) councillors when new council is
“declared elected”
• Development of circular on role and
responsibilities of municipal manager
• Continued showcasing of LG successes
• Continued SALGA communication on SALGA
role during elections
• Ensuring sustainability of municipal
administration through continuous support and
monitoring during the transitional period
Post elections
• Extensive communication on SALGA Councilor Induction
• Roll-out of Councillor Induction Programme as per project
• Guidelines/circulars on councillor support and benefits to
incoming (executive) councillors
• Convene Mayoral Lekgotla
• Prepare and attend SALGA Provincial and National
• Induction of SALGA PECs and NEC (post respective
• Advise on appointment of Section 57 Managers
• Mayoral and Executive roadshow/ site visits to key projects
Post – cont...
Briefing of Municipal Staff by Mayor
Provide advice and support on the establishment of Mayco/Exco and
Portfolio Committees in municipalities
Provision of support and advise on the sitting of Council meetings
Prioritisation of attendance of first Council meetings by SALGA, alternatively
ensuring that SALGA item features on agenda
Continued SALGA communication on SALGA’s role as organized Local
Government and the importance of payment of membership levies by
Development of a circular on the relationship between councillors and
officials in municipalities as well as the relationship between districts and
local municipalities.
Guidelines on the role of the different office bearers: office of the Mayor,
office of the Speaker, office of the Chief Whip.
Understanding the processes and procedures regarding Section 106 (MSA)
and 139 of the Constitutions.
Functioning of Committees of Councils (section 79 & Section 80
• It is recommended that the Forum
– Discuss the framework
– Make any amendments as it may deem