SBIR *Let*s Keep Moving* - Louisiana Technology Council

Louisiana Technology Council
Louisiana Economic Development
And avid spokesman Roy Keller
Mezzo Technologies
Radiator (Baton Rouge, LA)
Kevin Kelly started
with 2 employees
•Now his payroll is $1.2
technology improves
radiators in Bradley tanks,
a vehicle used by
American soldiers.
•Private sector
applications in the worksNASCAR is looking into it
Optiva Sonicare Toothbrush
(Snoqualmie, Washington)
Created over 500
 Built a $300 million
 Pumped through the
economy $25
million in advertising
spending to TV
stations and other
media outlets
iRobot PackBot, Roomba,
Scooba (Bedford, MA)
was established with
STTR funds through DoD
has grown to over 700
employees and a market
value of $400M
PackBot provides
soldiers with a tool to identify
and dispose of roadside
technology transitioned
into the Roomba vacuum
and has now sold over 5
million units across the U.S.
“With one of the grants,
we developed some of
the first chips we did at
Qualcomm.. making
chips for cellphones is
about two-thirds of our
revenue today.”
-Irwin Jacobs
QUALCOMM-• Pays more in taxes than SBA’s annual
• More than 17,000 employees
• Currently holds 13,000 United States patents
Stimulates technological innovation in
small, high tech firms
Creates high-paying small business jobs
Meets federal research and
development needs while helping the
government solve its problems.
Increases private sector
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Saved the
MILLIONS in defense
costs over the past
seven years
Started in Michigan
and now also has
an office in Florida
implemented in
Kuwait in support of
Operation Iraqi
Small businesses produce more than 13 times
more patents than large businesses and
universities and employ nearly 40 percent of
America's scientists and engineers.
Small business patents are at least 2 times as
likely to be among the top one percent of high
impact patents.
Studies show SBIR-backed firms have been
responsible for roughly 25% of the nation’s most
crucial innovations over the past decade and
account for 38% of America’s patents.
"The US leads the world in three areas
important to economic growth - basic
research, small high tech firms and venture
capital. SBIR pulls them together".
- Roland Tibbetts
“This bill represents a balanced approach to
ensure that America’s most innovative small
businesses can access existing incentives to
grow jobs by commercializing new
– BioTechnology Industry Organization
“An important point to keep in mind is [that]
you can have really good ideas that die.
They will die because they do not have
funding. SBIR brings capital to transform those
ideas into innovations...The rest of the world
thinks this is the greatest thing since sliced
bread….The rest of the world is copying it,
putting it on steroids, while we are debating
it.”- Dr. Charles Wessner
“Senate bill 881 is one which plays an underlying role in the ability of
this Nation to maintain its security, to achieve energy
independence, increase productivity, and preserve the quality
of life we all enjoy. Our national strength and confidence in
these areas depend upon maintaining a leading role in
technological superiority.”
- Senator Warren Rudman, June 30, 1981.
"SBIR is one of the finest examples of government sponsoring truly
innovative research and development."
- Senator Edward M. Kennedy
“Our free enterprise system is what drives innovation. But
because it’s not always profitable for companies to invest in
basic research, throughout history our government has provided
cutting-edge scientists and inventors with the support that they
- President Barack Obama, 2011 State of the Union Address
Small Business Technology Coalition (SBTC),
The National Small Business Association,
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce,
The Biotechnology Industry Organization
The National Venture Capital Association,
National Federation of Independent
Local technology groups, LSU, Louisiana Tech,
the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and
the University of New Orleans
“Because acquiring funding through
traditional lending sources continues to
prove difficult in today’s tight credit
market, SBIR/STTR grants provide tech
start-up companies another viable
chance to compete for early-stage
– CONNECT – University of California
“Not only does this program spur
technological innovation and
entrepreneurship, it helps create hightech jobs, and does so without
increasing Federal spending.”
–Small Business Technology Council
“The SBIR program serves as an
important avenue by which agencies
harness the creativity and ingenuity of
small business to meet specific
research and development needs of
the Federal government.”
– US Chamber of Commerce