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Socio-economic Sciences & Humanities
National Contact Point
Samantha McGregor, ESRC
Socio-economic Sciences & Humanities
(SSH) in FP7
Cooperation Theme 8
Fourth consecutive programme on SSH since 1994
Overall budget (2007-13) = €610m
2011 Work Programme Budget = €76m
Three calls
Eight activities
Who are National Contact Points?
• Main structure for providing guidance, practical
information and assistance on participation in FP7
• Appointed and financed by governments
• Employed by a range of organisations depending on
the country/thematic area/discipline
• Personalised support for Framework Programme
bids in proposers’ own language
• 18 thematic networks
What can my National Contact Point do for me
in the UK?
• Provide advice, information and guidance service to participants
and potential participants in SSH (pre- and post-contract)
• Publicise and promote SSH Work Programme to the UK research
• Provide a link between the UK research community and the
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
• Partner searching
• Signpost potential participants to alternative sources of information
• Represent the views of the UK in the European arena
SSC National Contact Point
• Employed by ESRC
• net4society
• UK NCP Network
Samantha McGregor
T: (01793) 413141
E: [email protected]