Horizon 2020

Implementation of health
research funding under H2020
SC 1- “Health, demographic
change and wellbeing “
Elmar Nimmesgern PhD
DG Research and Innovation
European Commission
Infoday IMI2
Ljubljana, 13 January 2014
What is Horizon 2020?
The EU’s 2014-20 programme
for research & innovation
A core part of Europe 2020,
Innovation Union &
European Research Area
(million EUR, 2014-2020)
Health, demographic change and wellbeing
7 472
Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry,
marine and maritime and inland water research and
the Bioeconomy
3 851
Secure, clean and efficient energy *
5 931
Smart, green and integrated transport
6 339
Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and
raw materials
3 081
Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies
1 310
Secure societies
1 695
Science with and for society
Spreading excellence and widening participation
Horizon 2020 - Societal Challenge 1
Translating science to benefit
Improve health outcomes
Support a competitive health &
care sector
Test and demonstrate new health &
care models, approaches and tools
Promote healthy and active ageing
Also look elsewhere! EU support of health related research
& innovation is not limited to Societal Challenge 1
New Approach
Broad topics
Less prescriptive topic texts
Two-year work programme
Stronger focus on end users
More Opportunities for SMEs
• 20% of the total budget for societal
challenges/LEITs to go to SMEs
• Simplification – a great benefit to SMEs
• A new SME instrument
• 'Innovation in SMEs' - a dedicated
activity for research-intensive SMEs
• 'Access to risk finance' with strong SME
focus (debt and equity facility)
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Wanted: international cooperation
A priority
Key goal: more and better
international cooperation
Horizon 2020 is open to
participation from across the world
Targeted actions across the entire
Horizon 2020 Regulation and
Rules for Participation apply
Participants from USA can be
funded in SC1 (but not other SCs)
Getting you started faster
• A single set of simpler and
more coherent participation rules
• New trust/control balance
• Just 2 funding rates for different
beneficiaries and activities (70 and
• Single flat rate for overhead or
'indirect costs' (25%)
• Simpler financial regulation
to come
• 8 months' time-to-grant
(exceptions for the ERC and in duly
justified cases)
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Horizon 2020
'Health, demographic
change and wellbeing'
Strategic initiatives linked to SC1
Innovative Medicines Initiative 2
Active and Assisted Living 2
European Innovation Partnership
on Active and Healthy Ageing
European & Developing Countries
Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP2)
The SC1 work programme 2014/15 in brief
Call 'personalising health and care'
34 topics (15 in 2014, 17 in 2015, 2 open in both years)
Call for 'co-ordination activities'
16 topics (10 in 2014, 6 in 2015)
€ 1,21
Understanding the call topics: example
'PHC 2 – 2015'
'Specific challenge'
'Scope', includes
estimated budget
(not binding)
'Expected impact'
'Type of action'
health and care
Call 'personalising health and care'
Seven focus areas
Understanding health, ageing & disease
Effective health promotion, disease prevention,
preparedness and screening
Improving diagnosis
Innovative treatments and technologies
Advancing active and healthy ageing
Integrated, sustainable, citizen-centred care
Improving health information, data exploitation and
providing an evidence base for health policies and
From "omics" … to prevention
Inter-sector cooperation for environment- and healthbased interventions (2015; € 4-6 m, € 18 m total)
Translating -omics into prevention and health promotion
(2014; € 4-6 m, € 24 m total)
Evaluating existing screening and prevention programmes
(2014 ; € 2-3 m), € 15 m total)
Control of infectious epidemics through rapid pathogen
identification (2014; € 15-20 m, € 15+5 m total)
Vaccine platforms for TB (2014) and HIV (2015) (€15-25
m for both topics, indicated € 25 m for 2014, € 21 m for
Applying for funding – process in brief
of the calls
Time to prepare
the proposal
of proposals
Signature grant
of the grant
Information on
the outcome of
the evaluator
Applying for funding – your one-stop shop
Thank you
very much!