Step 1: We have the fat side and the
skinny side. The skinny side should be
long enough to reach just above your
Step 2: Cross the fat side over top of the
skinny side.
Step 3: Wrap the fat side behind the
skinny side.
Step 4: Continue by bringing the wide
end back over in front of the narrow end
Step 5: Pull the wide end up, behind,
and through the top.
Make the loop in the front loose and pull
the wide end through the loop to create
the knot.
Tighten the knot.
How to tie the Four-in-Hand Knot
Step 1: decide what you will teach. It can be
fun, goofy, functional, but we must learn
 How to kill a zombie
 How to straighten hair
 How to tie your shoes
 How to shuffle
 How to ace a test
The list is endless. Just search the internet for a
list how-to ideas.
How does it make sense to present this?
 Step:1 – Fold the paper lengthwise
 Step: 2 – Finish the wings...
Nope that didn’t work.
 Make it make sense in small steps.
Decide on video, or in class.
 Will you use props? Powerpoint? Paper
Instructions? Volunteers?
Make sure you have everything you
need to do this successfully.
 Rehearse!
 Rehearse!!
 Rehearse!!!!
 Rehearse!!!!!!!!
 Rehearse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Rehearse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Remember attitude, volume, clarity.
 Smile and have fun with it.