Bellwork #1 September 6, 2012

Bellwork #1:
• What rules (norms) should our
class follow during class time and
when we are in groups. Use a
Tree Map to outline your ideas.
• When you are done, share your
ideas with the person next to you.
Bellwork #2:
• List the 6+1 traits.
• Which trait do you feel you are best at
excelling at in your writing? If there is more
than one, state no more than 2.
• Why? Explain.
Bellwork #3:
• Explain in detail our test retake
and formal paper revision policy.
Bellwork #4:
• What preventative steps would you have
taken if you were the 15 year old boys’
mother in our past AoW? List at least 3
• If you were the judge in her case, what
would your sentence be for her? What
would she have to do to make things right
in your eyes?
Bellwork 5:
• List some good test taking strategies you
can use to help yourself when you are
preparing for a test or quiz.
• What method helps you the most? Why?
Bellwork #6:
• What is Academic Vocabulary? If you don’t
know, make an educated guess!
• If you do know, give me some examples of
the Academic Vocabulary used in
Language Arts.
Bellwork #7:
• List as many things as you can
think of about Greek theater and
Greek tragedy.
• Create a circle map with Greek
Theatre/Greek Tragedy as your
topic of your center circle.
Bellwork #8:
• List 3 new learning you have found out
about Greek Theatre and Tragedy since
yesterdays activity.
• Share with the person next to you what
you learned.
Bellwork 9:
• As the U.S went smoke-free in all
public institutions, what would you
do if the U.S went cell phone free
in all public institutions?
• Would you be able to deal with it?
How would the world change?
Bellwork #10
Restate the question in your response.
• Who is considered the “Father of
• What is the correct name for the
viewing area in a Greek theater?
• Who was allowed to sit in the front
row at the theater?
Bellwork #11
Decide whether you have to use much or
many. Remember: If a noun is singular we use
much. If a noun is plural we use many.
Bellwork #12:
Copy the Oedipus Family Tree into the notes section of your binder. Under your
bellwork for today, write Oedipus Family Tree.
Bellwork #13:
In your own words,
retell the myth of
Bellwork #14:
• Using a bubble map,
describe the character
King Creon.
Bellwork #15:
• Using a Double-Bubble Thinking Map,
compare and contrast Antigone and
• Frame of reference: What are the similarities and
differences between Antigone and Ismene?
Bellwork #16:
• In your opinion, is Antigone or
Creon the more tragic
character? Which suffers the
greater downfall? Give evidence
from the play to support your
Bellwork #17:
• To what extent is
determination an asset to
characters in Antigone?
• How is it a hindrance?
Bellwork #18:
• Choose two words from the Word
Wall (DO NOT use words you have
used before)
• Define each word
• Use each word in a sentence
Bellwork #19:
• Define the following words to the best of
your knowledge:
Bellwork #19
October 2, 2012
• What does the play
Antigone suggest about
womens’ positions in
ancient Greek society?
Bellwork #20
October 3, 2012
• Choose two words from the word wall that
you have not used for bellwork.
• Define each word.
• Use each word in a sentence.
Bellwork #20 (3rd Hour Only)
October 3, 2012
• Kelsey Ann Jackson, creator of Mean Girls
Aren’t Cool, writes that girls can
“sometimes be unaware that their
behaviors are bullying.” Give an example
of a bullying behavior that some young
people might not consider bullying
behavior. Do guys also engage in these
behaviors? If yes, give examples to
support your opinion.
Bellwork #21
October 4, 2012
Greek Theater Review
Dionysus is the god of what?
Name one limitation of Greek theater.
Why was violence not allowed to be
What is a function of the chorus?
Bellwork #22
October 5, 2012
This month we will focus on the ideas trait of
the 6 +1 Traits of writing.
Using a bubble map, describe the ideas trait
by referring to your ideas rubric.
*The rubric is on the other side of the
conventions rubric that I gave you earlier
this year!
Bellwork #23
October 8, 2012
Rewrite the following sentences, placing
commas where ever they belong:
1) While it wasn't great the movie we saw last
night wasn't bad either.
2) Paula was tired hungry and grumpy.
3) No that isn't what I said.
Bellwork #24
October 9, 2012
Rewrite the question and write the appropriate word.
(There, they're and their)
1) I really don't want to go_________________ again.
2) I'm always wrong and ________________ always
3) I fixed _______________car.
4) I really think that ___________________ the ones
who are responsible for this.
Bellwork #25 (1st Hour Only)
October 10, 2012
Analyze and interpret the following
“You cannot do a kindness too soon,
for you never know how soon it will be
too late”.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Bellwork #25 (2nd Hour Only)
October 10, 2012
Fragment or complete sentence:
1) Yes, he is Greek.
2) His money, which they later returned.
3) The women laughed.
4) He understood.
Bellwork #25 (3rd hour Only)
October 10, 2012
“What does diversity mean
to you and how does it
make Fordson High School
Bellwork #26
October 11, 2012
Rewrite the following sentences, placing commas where ever they
It was the Belgians not the French who won the tournament.
The current CEO John Williams doesn't support this course of
I forgot my wallet at home but I have my bus pass with me.
On May 20 1980 the troops captured the city.
Bellwork #27
October 12, 2012
Get your Cardmarking 1 bellwork in order.
Make sure all bellwork is numbered and
Make sure your name is on the first page!
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