Packaging is simply the materials used for the
containment, protection, handling, delivery,
and presentation of goods. (Murphy & Wood, 2011)
They serve three general purposes
1. To protect the contents within
2. To identify what is inside the packaging (labels)
3. To promote the product.
Encloses material
Keeps material from moving during transport
Separates materials and prevents them from
coming in contact with each other.
Protects against vibration and shocks
Allows contents to be stacked on each other
Distributes the weight evenly for easier
Protects against tampering or altering
(Murphy & Wood, 2011)
Packages should be tested to guard against
 Dropping
 Vibrations
 Horizontal impacts
 Compression from stacking similar items on top
 Rough handling
This is simply when a very small product or
unit is placed inside of a larger package with
others. This larger unit is placed inside an
even larger unit or package.
Murphy, P. R., & Wood, D. F. (2011). Contemporary Logistics (10th ed.). New Jersey:
Pearson Education, Inc.