Reducing Test Anxiety & Test-Taking Strategies

Reducing Test Anxiety
Test-Taking Strategies
What is Test Anxiety?
“Test anxiety is actually a type of performance
anxiety — a feeling someone might have in a
situation where performance really counts or
when the pressure is on to do well.”
Test anxiety can cause you to lose
concentration and prevent you from doing your
How does it make you feel?
“Butterflies” in your stomach
Stomach ache
Tension headache
Fast heart beat
Feeling like you may pass out
Never fear!
There are some tips
to help prevent or
reduce test-anxiety.
• Choose a study strategy that works well for
• Review and study for the test well ahead of
• Get plenty of sleep the night before the test.
• Wear comfortable clothes to the test.
• Eat a good breakfast (meal) before the test.
When beginning a test…
• Read ALL directions first.
• Underline key words, phrases or clues to
help you solve a problem.
• Read questions carefully and make sure
you understand what you are being
During a test…
• Pace yourself so that you do not run out
of time.
• Read the question and all answer
• Look for clues
• Eliminate answer choices you know are
not correct.
• If you get stumped on a question, mark
it so you can come back to it later then
move on to the next question.
If you have time, ALWAYS
check your answers and check
back over your test to make
sure you did not leave any
questions blank!
Any Questions?