Topic Heading =
Sequence and
Prioritize Information
Yes, write this down…
• It’s important to put data in numerical
order and steps in a logical order so that
disaster doesn’t strike!
• Choose important steps or information and
disregard less important steps or
Partner Discussion
• What kinds of activities can you think
of where you need to follow a series of
• When you make a “Things to Do” list,
how do you prioritize the items on your
What Do You Think?
• Miss Schmidt is a
teacher. She gets
paid on the last
workday of each
• On September 30th,
the following events
occurred. . . .
Miss Schmidt’s Money
• Miss Schmidt had bills of $750 (rent), $85
(cell phone), $102 (Visa credit card), $33
(gas and electric), and $52 (food) to pay.
• She received her monthly paycheck for
• She wanted to save at least $300 from her
check to save for a trip to Disneyland.
• She needed at least $250 for spending
Does Miss Schmidt have
enough money to be able
to go to Disneyland
Does Miss Schmidt have enough
spending money for new
Write the correct
sequence of steps. . .
• Pay bills.
• Wait until check is credited to bank
• Withdraw spending money needed.
• Deposit check in bank.
• Put extra money in savings account.
Partner Practice:
Steps to Crossing the Street
• Discuss with your
partner the steps to
take to cross the
• Write the steps in
your journal (with the
appropriate topic
Independent Practice:
Calling a Store to Get Information
• Write the steps in
your journal (with
appropriate topic
heading) for calling a
store to get
information on
purchasing a new
jacket that’s on sale.