The first things that you will see when you enter Magic Cell World

By Jordan Lavrencik, Matt Gitelis, Michael
Santangelo, and J.D. Bryant
Welcome to Magic Cell World, the only place
on Earth that guides you through the cell.
Come as we lead you through this magical
place and show you the intricate and crucial
parts of the cell.
The Cell Membrane
The first things that you will see when you
enter Magic Cell World are our beautiful
century-old gates. The gates define our
expansive boundaries and regulate the
guest entrance rate. They also separate
the park from the rest of the beautiful
The Cytoskeleton
The support system for the majestic gates are
the gorgeous pillars that help keep Magic
Cell World’s defined borders. These pillars
line the gates and help support the strong
system. The pillars are made of materials
assembled here in Magic Cell World over at
Santa’s Workshop.
The Nucleus
The command center for Magic Cell World is
very important. It contains the blueprints for
all of the future projects for Magic Cell
World. It has to simplify these instructions
and send them to Santa’s Workshop, where
the busy elves create important structures
for the park.
The Ribosomes
Santa’s little elves work very hard every day to
create things that are very important for Magic
Cell World. Each of them work very hard on their
little piece so that they can do their part for this
magical world. You can watch the elves as they
toil to create a better kingdom. Their work helps
Magic Cell World run. They then put their little
projects on The Old West Train where it is
transported to the distribution plant.
The Endoplasmic Reticulum
The Old West Train takes the elves’ work
from Santa’s Workshop to the distribution
plant. Santa’s Workshops are set up all
along the Old West Railway, so the projects
can be quickly and conveniently distributed
throughout the park. Let’s follow the Old
West Train to the distribution plant and see
how the park receives its supplies.
The Golgi Complex
Santa’s elves send their work to the
distribution plant, where it is then packaged
and sent to places all around Magic Cell
World. This distribution plant supplies all
parts of the park with important materials.
The next stop on our tour is the awardwinning food court.
The Mitochondria
The food court provides energy to weary
park-goers, as well as Magic Cell World
employees. Here, the food is processed and
cooked to make a delicious meal fit for a
king. There are many located around the
park, just look at one of the many Magic
Cell World Maps.
The Vacuole
The park’s storage unit holds all of the future
projects for Magic Cell World. As soon as
new plans for an attraction begin to surface,
the storage unit can release its supplies
being stored to help build new attractions
around the park.
Thank You!
Thank you for taking the tour of Magic Cell
World, the premier Cell-themed park. We
hope you enjoyed your stay here, and
remember to come back, because the Cell is
ever-changing. Thank you!
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